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Something new we at MMAOddsBreaker.com decided to do for 2014 is to keep a running tally of our fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. It all began with UFC Fight Night 34 at the beginning of the year and it continues with UFC Fight Night 37 today (March 8, 2014) which features a solid light heavyweight tilt between top contender Alexander Gustafsson and the undefeated Jimi Manuwa. After six events, James Lynch is in first place. Without further ado:

 UFC Fight Night 37  Gabe Killian  Adam Martin  James Lynch  Brad Taschuk  Brian Hemminger  Nick Kalikas
 Fight #1  Gaudinot  Harris  Harris  Harris  Gaudinot  Gaudinot
 Fight #2  Araujo  Mitchell  Mitchell  Mitchell  Araujo  Araujo
 Fight #3  Scott  Scott  Scott  Scott  Scott*  Scott
 Fight #4  Barnatt  Barnatt  Barnatt  Barnatt  Barnatt  Barnatt
 Fight #5  Latifi  Latifi  Diabate  Latifi  Diabate  Latifi
 Fight #6  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson  Nelson
 Fight #7  Pickett  Pickett  Pickett  Pickett  Pickett  Pickett
 Fight #8  Johnson  Johnson  Johnson  Guillard  Johnson  Johnson
 Fight #9  Gustafsson  Gustafsson  Gustafsson  Gustafsson  Gustafsson  Gustafsson
Last Event  4-4  4-4  5-3 4-4  4-4  5-3
 Total Record  49-27  49-27  56-20  53-23  50-26  51-25

*I originally picked da Silva on the Premium Oddscast, but made a 180 after more thought and tape study. To be honest, I was talking myself out of picking him while discussing the fight on the show and picked him anyways. I discussed this in more detail in my Kountermove fantasy preview where I suggested avoiding da Silva entirely. Follow along on 2014 to see who pulls ahead!

Written by Brian Hemminger

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