MMAOB Premium Recap – UFC Fight Night 36

UFC Fight Night 36 is in the books, so how did Nick Kalikas’ Premium bets do? Unfortunately, we had one of our worst nights ever. Premium went 0-3 and lost 9 units overall. Believe us, no one feels worse about this night than we do. Full results below. Premium UFC Fight Night 36: 0-3, -9 units Wins: none Losses: 3u: Gegard Mousasi (+225), Jesse Ronson (+165), Parlay of Albert Tumenov with Joe Proctor (+121) Free play: 0-1, -2.5 units Wins: none Losses: : 2u: Viscardi Andrade (-125) Total on the night-11.5 units For the full track records, click here.

Written by Brian Hemminger

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