RFA 12’s Brian Ortega: ‘It’s gonna come down to who wants it more’

MMA Oddsbreaker’s Frank Trigg speaks with RFA  featherweight Brian Ortega as he prepares for his main event title bout tonight (Jan. 24, 2013) against Keoni Koch at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

The undefeated submission specialist is gearing up for one of the biggest fights of his life, and he understands the stakes of tonight’s main event:

“If the fight goes to the ground, that’s pretty much where I use my submissions. If you’re just chilling there trying to survive, that’s not enough. I don’t know his jiu-jitsu game well. I haven’t seen clips of him, but I know he’s a good grappler. He’s been around the game longer than I have. I think he knows what’s up. It’s gonna come down to who wants it more and who’s trickiest on the ground and I happen to be really sneaky with my triangle so we’ll see what happens.” 

Written by Frank Trigg

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