Could 2014 Finally be the Year of Anderson Silva vs Georges St Pierre?

Despite a horrific injury in his last fight at UFC 168 against Chris Weidman and the fact he will be near 40 years old, legendary former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is still not set on retirement and is talking super-fight, again.  Silva’s team of Brazilian managers, translators and hangers-on have let it be known that the future UFC Hall of Famer is open to returning to the Octagon, with the mentioned target being mentioned the recently on-hiatus Georges St. Pierre.
It is a match-up UFC fans have heard of ad infinitum over the years, as both men ruled their respective weight classes with an iron fist over the last half decade.  St Pierre recognized a tall order when he saw it, and though he would be dangerous, he’s stated multiple times he would need time to gain weight and likely would still have been the underdog against Silva if the match had been made with both men at their prime.
But now? All general thinking goes out the window.
Gokor Chivichian versus Rickson Gracie.  Look it up if you need to, but the Silva – GSP match in 2014 would be a classics type matchup of retired veterans.
GSP went out on top, and he deserves credit for his run.  He was the UFC’s top draw for several years and he deserves his time off.  If he can learn a lesson from the history of boxing, he is likely to come back diminished in his older form, and he should not even try it.  But if St Pierre didn’t like his chances against Silva in a super-fight while in their primes, he has to think the 2014 version of Anderson Silva coming off a freak injury is do-able.

Written by Miguel

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