First Look at Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne

Fabricio WerdumWith his UFC 168 victory over veteran star Josh Barnett, Travis Browne sent a message to the UFC’s Heavyweight division that he was ready to assume the mantle of number one contender. Browne took just one minute to elbow Barnett into oblivion as the ‘Warmaster’ looked to clinch early in the fight. Barnett was a roughly 2 to 1 betting favorite, so Browne made his bettors very happy. Next up would probably be a title shot for Browne, however UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez underwent surgery to his shoulder surgry that will likely see him returning near the end of 2014. Which leaves Fabricio Werdum to face Browne, with the winner determining who will face Velasquez upon his return. Werdum is 3-0 in his latest UFC run, with his last win coming over Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera back in June. Werdum is perceived to have been waiting for the title shot with Velasquez, and he probbly could make a strong case for himself as number one contender. But with Velasquez hurt and no title shot forthcoming, Werdum needs to get back in the Octagon. Werdum is best known for being the man who defeated Fedor Emilianenko while he was with Strikeforce, and he has been looking for an elusive big payoff ever since. Werdum will be 37 years old in July of this year, and if he has physically lost a step, then Browne will likely have the energy and punching power to take him out. But if Werdum remains the rugged, tough heavyweight he showed against Nelson and Noguiera, he has the skill set to take Browne out. This is one to keep an eye on the lines. Because of the head of steam Browne has, he may come in a solid favorite for this fight. Werdum has always had a safe, stifling Brazilian jiu-jitsu game. If he is an underdog, he may be worth a look.

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