MMA Odds and Ends for Monday: Five Crazy UFC Fight Night 33 Prop Bets That Cashed

UFC-156 UFC Fight Night 33 turned out to be one of the absolute craziest events of the year, with a number of fights and outcomes that absolutely no one expected. For today’s Odds and Ends, I’ve looked through the list of props from last Friday night’s event and found five of them that hit big. So without ado, here’s five UFC Fight Night 33 prop bets that ¬†cashed big. Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is a draw (+15000) In one of the greatest heavyweight fights of all time, Mark Hunt and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva went back-and-forth with hundreds of strikes landed against each other’s heads over the course of 25 minutes to fight to a majority ¬†draw. It was the first draw of the year in the UFC, and not surprisingly the prop bet on this one paid out handsomely — at +15000. There’s likely no one in the world that bet this, but if you did somehow, then you owe the rest of us beers because that’s a giant prop to hit. Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva goes five-round distance (+700) As well, the fight between Hunt and Silva going the five-round distance paid out at +700 as not many people at all figured it would go all 25 minutes (I certainly didn’t). So if that was your bet, nice hit, because it was totally unexpected to most of us. Mauricio Rua wins in round one (+400) In a performance that proves he’s still got something left in the tank, Mauricio Rua defeated James Te Huna via brutal first-round KO to remain relevant in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. The prop on Rua — who was shockingly an underdog — winning in round one scored at +400, so congrats if that was your play on this fight. Ryan Bader wins by decision (+600) In one of the most brutal beatdowns in recent memory, Ryan Bader absolutely torched every part of Anthony Perosh’s face en route to a unanimous decision win. Since everyone thought Bader would win by TKO, the prop on Bader to win by decision was undervalued at +600. So if you saw the value on that prop and bet it, congrats, because I certainly didn’t see that coming. Soa Palelei wins in the first round (+350) In a heavyweight fight, Soa Palelei took out Pat Barry with a brutal knockout in the first round via ground-and-pound. The prop on Palelei to win in the first round hit at +350, a tremendous value bet considering this fight was destined to end with a finish by either man in the first stanza.

Written by Adam Martin.

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