MMA Odds and Ends for Monday: Five Crazy UFC 167 Prop Bets That Cashed Big

UFC-156 UFC 167 went down this past Saturday night in Las Vegas and now, on Monday morning, fans and media alike are still talking about what went down, especially as far as how the judging in the main event of the evening was concerned. Anyways, regardless of what happened with the judging, the fact of the matter is there were a lot of betting opportunities on the card, and a lot of money to be made. And if you bet on any of these props below, you would have cashed out big. Here’s five crazy prop bets from UFC 167 that cashed big, courtesy of Several Bookmakers. Georges St-Pierre wins by split decision (+790) In the main event of UFC 167, Georges St-Pierre defended the welterweight championship of the world with a controversial split decision nod over Johny Hendricks. Most scored this for Hendricks, but two of the judges gave it to GSP and at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters. The prop on GSP wins by split paid out at +790, so if anyone hit that please send me a message so I can give  you the proper kudos. Robbie Lawler wins by decision (+1650) No one thought that if Robbie Lawler was to beat Rory MacDonald that he would do so by decision, but he did  just that. The prop on Lawler to defeat MacDonald by decision cashed out at a gigantic +1650, so if you put a flier on this prop nice job, because that’s absolutely crazy value. Tyron Woodley wins KO of the Night (+1100) In one of three main card welterweight bouts, Tyron Woodley took out Josh Kosheck in the first round with some brutal punches to the temple. There were only two knockouts on the entire card, so Woodley was the frontrunner for KO of the Night and he ended up winning the award. The prop on Woodley wins KOTN hit at +1100, so congrats if you hit that and congrats to our own Gabe Killian for hitting that himself (and recommending a bet on it). Donald Cerrone wins by submission (+545)/Cerrone wins in round 2 (+700)/Cerrone wins Submission of the Night (+1300) In one of the most impressive performances of the year, Donald Cerrone submitted Evan Dunham via second-round triangle choke. Cerrone wins by sub cashed out at +545, Cerrone wins in round 2 hit at +700, and Cerrone wins Submission of the Night paid out a huge +1300. So if  you were on Cerrone in this one, terrific job. Jason High wins by decision (+320) In one of the three Facebook fights, Jason High edged out Anthony Lapsley on the scorecards to improve to 2-2 in the UFC Octagon with a unanimous decision win. Most expected High to win by submission here, so the prop on High wins by decision at +320 was undervalued. Congrats if you took a piece.

Written by Adam Martin.

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