Bellator 101’s Marcus Davis: ‘I can’t just win this fight, I’ve got to stop this kid’

MMA Oddsbreaker’s Frank Trigg speaks with Bellator lightweight Marcus Davis as he gets prepared for his upcoming Bellator 101 lightweight tournament bout against talented Russian Alexander Sarnavskiy at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon.

“The Irish Hand Grenade” is doing some special preparation in advance of the bout, going back to his roots:

“What I’m hoping he’s doing is watching the videos of my last three or four fights because in my last two fights I threw dominantly kicks. I threw lots and lots of kicks. For this fight, about eight weeks ago I came back to Boston and rekindled my relationship with my first boxing coach who’s worked with guys like Mickey Ward, world champions. We’re looking to get back to my fundamentals, get back to what I do best and what people used to fear me for which was my hands. So I’ve put in a lot of work with my boxing for MMA and on top of that, obviously I’ve been working a lot not just on jiu-jitsu but counter wrestling and submission defense, escapes stuff like that. I plan to go out there and just take over and control. I’m not gonna force the fight and try to make the kid do anything, but I want to coax him into making a mistake. I want to get him to move in a direction on purpose, set traps and I’ll be waiting for him right around the corner with an ambush. That’s my plan.”

Will it pay off?

Written by Frank Trigg

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