MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks: UFC Fight Night 139 has returned for 2018 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events.

After 31 events thus far, we have quite a battle brewing for the top spot. Brian Hemminger has retaken the lead at the top, currently in first place with an overall picks score of 236-137 (63.3%). Jay Primetown is knocking on the door just one spot behind currently in second place each, with a picks score of 235-138 and James Lynch is one back in third at 236-139. Brad Wharton and Nick Kalikas are in fourth place and within striking distance of taking the overall lead with a picks score of 232-141.

There was just one unanimous pick out of 12 fights in total for UFC Fight NIght 139 (Davi Ramos).

Without further ado: UFC Fight Night 139 – Denver

UFN 139 G. Killian K. Marley J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtator
Fight #1 Sanchez De La Rosa La Rosa Sanchez  De La Rosa La Rosa De La Rosa La Rosa Sanchez
Fight #2 Shelton Shelton Morales Morales Shelton Shelton Morales Morales Morales
Fight #3 Erosa Smith Smith Smith  Smith Smith Smith Erosa Smith
Fight #4 Ramos Ramos Ramos Ramos  Ramos Ramos Ramos Ramos Ramos
Fight #5 Skelly Moffett Moffett Skelly  Skelly Moffett Skelly Skelly Skelly
Fight #6 Yoder Yoder Yoder Yoder  Yoder Yoder Cooper Yoder Yoder
Fight #7 Trizano Pena Pena Pena  Pena Trizano Pena Pena Pena
Fight #8 Barber Barber Barber Barber  Barber Barber Barber Barber Cifers
Fight #9 Dariush Moises Dariush Dariush  Dariush Dariush Moises Dariush Dariush
Fight #10 Randamie Randamie Pennington Pennington  Randamie Randamie Randamie Randamie Randamie
Fight #11 Cerrone Cerrone Perry Cerrone  Perry Cerrone Perry Perry Cerrone
Fight #12 Rodriguez Rodriguez Jung Jung  Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Jung Rodriguez
 Last Event  6-5-1  7-4-1  5-6-1  8-3-1 8-3-1  7-4-1  7-4-1  6-5-1  5-6-1
 2018 Record  216-157  227-146  234-139  230-144  236-137  232-141  235-138  232-141  220-153

2018  Results 

UFC 230
UFC Fight Night 138
UFC 229 
UFC Fight Night 137
UFC Fight Night 136
UFC 228
UFC Fight Night 135
UFC 227 
UFC Fight Night 134
UFC Fight Night 133 
UFC 226
TUF 27 Finale

UFC Fight Night 132
UFC 225
UFC Fight Night 131 
UFC Fight Night 130
UFC Fight Night 129
UFC 224
UFC Fight Night 128
UFConFOX 29 
UFC 223 
UFC Fight Night 127
UFC 222
UFC Fight Night 126
UFC 221
UFC Fight Night 125
UFC 220
UFC Fight Night 124

Final Results 2017 -Winner: Nick Kalikas

Final Results 2016 -Winner: Nick Kalikas 

Final Results 2015 – Winner: Brad Taschuk

Final Results 2014 -Winner: James Lynch 

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Written by Brian Hemminger

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