UFC 146 In-Progress Betting Review

Following is a live betting review for UFC 146 Frank Mir vs. Junior dos Santos event from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada courtesy of Several Bookmakers bookmaker Anthony. UFC 146Duane Ludwig vs. Dan Hardy: Hardy opened the first round at -130. Ludwig seemed to get the best of the first exchange in the fight and forced Hardy to clinch. Action started to come in for Ludwig, and the line moved to Duane being a small -130 favorite. After the clinch and it was visible Hardy had his feet under him, the line moved back to -130 in his favor, and just as that happened, he ended the fight with a vicious left hook. Hardy won by KO in Round 1. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $270 CB Dollaway vs. Jason Miller: Miller opened the first round as a -180 fave. The initial action sees Miller catching Dollaway in the early exchange, and then it looks like he is going in for the kill. The line gets frozen for about 10 seconds, and as I realize CB still has some fight in him, I re-opened the line with Miller at -250. Now action was still coming in this way once it opened back up, but not for long, as CB started to control the rest of the round. By the time the bell sounded, the line was bet up to Dollaway -180. I opened Round 2 with Dollaway as a heavy -400 fave, and people were laying the big price with him up one round to none. Miller then caught Dollaway again and looked like he was going to finish him this time. The line dropped to a pick with Miller and Dollaway both at -120. CB hung on yet again and rallied back to win Round 2. Now at this point, as CB survived and controlled another round the line was bet up to Dollaway -800. Opening the third, Dollaway was -1500, and he escaped having any close calls in the third and dominated Miller to earn a unanimous decision win. This was a nightmare of a fight to run in-progress for with the huge swings in Rounds 1 and 2, but at the same time that’s what makes this style of betting so exciting. This bout took in the most live wagers and the most volume for all the night’s fights, and it was one of just three to go the distance. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $3,557 Jamie Varner vs. Edson Barboza: Barboza opened as a huge -600 fave in the first round. He started out with his devastating leg kicks and landed a few. It looked like Barboza was implementing his strategy well until he got taken down by Varner. It was evident at that time that if Varner was going to win this bout, that was how he needed to do it. The line quickly dropped to Barboza -400. Barboza got back to his feet, and we took a few Barboza bets as he landed a couple more leg kicks. Before I could make the move to raise Barboza once again, Varner landed a big punch to stun Barboza, then dumped him on his back and finished the fight with hammer fists. Varner ended up winning in a big upset by first-round TKO. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $325 Diego Brandao vs. Darren Elkins: Brandao opened Round 1 as a -300 fave, and he came out swinging for the fences to start the bout. Elkins then closed distance and got the fight to the floor. Brandao scrambled back up though without much damage being done either way. The Brazilian got the better of the stand up, and we saw the action start to trickle in to make him -650 by the middle of the first. We closed the first round with Brandao -1000. I figured the second would play out much like the first, so I added a points line to the MMA odds and had Brandao -5½ -325, but action came in one-sided on Elkins. After only a few bets and seeing Elkins start to control Round 2 and Brandao already running low on gas, the points line came down. The money line went back up and by the end of the second, we had Elkins a -250 fave, figuring Brandao wasn’t going to have much more energy in the third. Elkins closed the third as high as -5000 before the judges rewarded him with a unanimous decision upset win. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $237 Stefan Struve vs. Lavar Johnson: Struve opened the first round as a -140 fave, and before we could blink, it was over! Struve won by submission one minute into the bout. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $285 Stipe Miocic vs. Shane del Rosario: Miocic opened the first round -170 fave. That didn’t last long, as del Rosario got the better of the exchanges with solid body kicks in the first round, and we saw action come in hard his way.  By the end of the first, del Rosario was the fave at -170. It didn’t take long for Miocic to set the pace and take control back in Round 2, and the line took a big turn again as he was landing solid shots and driving del Rosario backwards. Before Miocic ended the fight with brutal elbows, he was up to a -250 fave. Miocic won by TKO in Round 2. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $1,800 Roy Nelson vs. Dave Herman: Nelson opened Round 1 at -170, which is also what he went off at when he KOed Herman with one punch to end the fight in less than a minute. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $352 Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva: Velasquez opened the first round at -450. There was nowhere to go with this line but up and really fast at that with Cain coming out and putting Silva on his back in the first few seconds. It didn’t get any better there for the BJJ black belt Silva, as he got a brutal cut that impaired his vision and Cain was up to -950. While the doctor was looking at the cut on Silva’s head, we took the line off the board figuring it would not be long before the fight would be called.  That’s exactly what happened, with Cain winning by TKO at the 3:36 mark of Round 1. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $439 Junior dos Santos vs. Frank Mir: Dos Santos opened the first round as a strong -600 fave. The early part of Round 1 didn’t look too bad for Mir, as he went in for one takedown and missed but didn’t take much damage at all. However, that didn’t last too long, and the -600 line would soon rise. Mir proved to be too slow and did not have enough head or lateral movement, becoming an easy target for dos Santos, who moved up to -800.  When the champ caught Mir with a good shot at the end of the first, it looked to be over. Dos Santos opened Round 2 as a huge -3500 fave. Several bets still came in with people laying the max $1,000 to make $28.57.  Mir made it through a little more than half of Round 2 before it was lights out with dos Santos defending his heavyweight title for the first time with a second-round TKO victory. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $442 In-progress wagering for UFC 146 at Several Bookmakers had the highest bet counts since we introduced this new product. It seems MMA fans really enjoy the live betting experience, and the all-heavyweight main card drew a lot of interest. If you’re a bettor, keep this in mind for future MMA events and consider opening a Several Bookmakers wagering account if you don’t have one already.

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