The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale In-Progress Betting Review

Following is a live betting review for The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale UFC event from The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada courtesy of Several Bookmakers bookmaker Anthony. The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale Jeremy Larsen vs. Joe Proctor: Proctor opened the first round as a big -290 favorite. This fight only went two minutes, and maybe people were not aware we were offering the FUEL TV part of the TUF 15 Finale card for in-progress wagering. We only ended up taking two wagers on this bout, with Proctor winning by TKO in Round 1. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $227 Cristiano Marcello vs. Sam Sicilia: Sicilia opened Round 1 as a solid -210 fave. To me, it looked as though Sicilia controlled the pace and was scoring the better blows in Round 1, pushing the line up over -300. However, most of the action came in on Marcello. In Round 1, we took six times the amount of wagers on Marcello than Sicilia. In Round 2, we had Sicilia as a -350 fave, and both fighters were swinging for the fences and looking to end the fight with one blow in anything but a technical battle. The man that connected and rewarded his backers was Sicilia at about 2½ minutes into the round, as he registered a TKO win in Round 2. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $850 Myles Jury vs. Chris Saunders: Jury opened Round 1 as a heavy -350 fave. Not much action early on in the fight or with the in-progress wagering as only a few small bets came in on Jury, which was not enough to send the line moving anywhere. The excitement came when Jury went for a flying knee, and Saunders was able to take Jury down.  However, that is where the trouble really began for Saunders, as he was put into a guillotine and forced to tap. This all happened too quickly to get much action, with Jury winning by submission in Round 1. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $555 Daron Cruickshank vs. Chris Tickle: Cruickshank opened Round 1 as a slight -180 fave. Tickle managed to control a bit of the first round and then had a guillotine, reversing the positions and making him a -150 fave now. Cruickshank managed to get free though and started to work from inside Tickle’s guard, landing some good shots. The line now started to crawl back to its original position. Here is where Tickle landed an upkick, but Cruickshank’s knee was down and ended up costing him a point. I happened to miss the point deduction since I was loading a prop for another fight, allowing several bets to come in on Cruickshank at -200. After a friend hit me up on Skype to let me know about the point deduction, the line on Cruickshank shot up to -700, with Round 1 most likely being scored 10-8 in his favor, and Tickle likely needing a stoppage to win. Tickle came out and controlled Round 2 but did not dominate, putting him in a very difficult spot where a stoppage was necessary to win. The line closed with Cruickshank at -3000 with quite a few $1,000 bets coming in to make $33 as he coasted to a 29-27 unanimous decision on all the judges’ score cards. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $4,872 Justin Lawrence vs. John Cofer: Lawrence opened Round 1 as a heavy-360 fave. After a close Round 1, most of the betting action flowed in on Cofer since he was competitive and offered a pretty good price. It was a tough first round to score, but I gave it to Lawrence. Even though most of the bettors were coming in on Cofer, the line was creeping up around the -450 mark. Lawrence went on to pick up Round 2 as well, making him a monster-1000 fave. Early in Round 3, Lawrence scored a head kick that knocked out Cofer in the first few seconds. The prop bet that got hit hard in this fight was Lawrence by TKO or KO, as bettors got +125 and wagered on it until the line reached -245. That is where all the real action took place. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $3,814 Max Holloway vs. Pat Schilling: Holloway opened Round 1 as a small -160 fave. Holloway put on a striking and takedown defense clinic against Schilling for three rounds. I am only amazed that he did not find a way to finish this fight. Bettors felt the same way, slamming the props that the fight would end in the second or third round. The fight managed to go to a decision with not much action at all on the fighters themselves either way. Bettors would have been paid well if the fight would have been stopped in the third, getting up to 3 to 1 at some points in the fight. However, it went the distance with Holloway winning a unanimous decision. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $1,851 Charles Oliveira vs. Jonathan Brookins: Oliveira opened Round 1 as a solid -220 fave. Once the pace was set, all the action came in on Oliveira, moving him to -350 after a couple minutes. The line got up to -600 as we opened Round 2 and ended up closing at -900 right before we took the MMA odds off the board when Oliveira locked up the submission victory. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $823 Al Iaquinta vs. Mike Chiesa: Iaquinta opened Round 1 as a -285 fave and got the better of the early exchanges, starting to move the line up a bit. Not long after Chiesa got his hands on a single leg attempt, the action immediately came in his way. Chiesa got a body lock, and the bets started to pour on him once he got it to the ground.  It wasn’t long before Chiesa wrapped up the fight with a rear-naked choke submission at 2:47 of the first round. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers players won $4,823 Jake Ellenberger vs. Martin KampmannEllenberger opened Round 1 as a -175 fave and came out and landed an early bomb to the head of Kampmann, sending him to the mat. This is where I saved a lot of you bettors some money, fearing the fight was over and jumping the gun by freezing all wagers. Some still managed to get their bets in, but most were cancelled. We had about 50 Ellenberger bets in the queue when I froze the fight, so you are very welcome! Somehow the ref let the fight go and Kampmann regained his senses and continued. The line opened back up with Ellenberger as a -500 fave after that first onslaught. I also opened a new prop Ellenberger -3½ (-160). This line didn’t get much action, as it was shortly after that prop was released that Kampmann connected and then finished off Ellenberger a minute into the second round. Kampmann scored a big comeback TKO win in Round 2, becoming the second straight underdog to win and close out the night after the favorites won all of the previous fights. Betting Result: Several Bookmakers house won $1,023 Live in-progress wagering on MMA events is a new product offered by Several Bookmakers. Remember, it’s never too late to bet the fights if you have a Several Bookmakers wagering account.

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