MMAOddsbreaker Staff Picks: UFC Fight Night 128 has returned for 2018 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events.

After 11 events thus far, we have quite a battle brewing for the top spot. With a huge 12-2 event last week, Brian Hemminger has climbed into a first place tie with James Lynch, both having an overall picks score of 81-45 (64%). Robert Doxtator is only one spot behind, currently in second place with a picks score of 80-46. Rounding out the top three spots, Nick Kalikas is sitting just four spots back from the lead with a picks score of 77-49.

There is not any unanimous picks for UFC Fight Night 128.

Without further ado: UFC Fight Night 128 – Atlantic City 

UFN 128 G. Killian K. Marley J. Lynch B. Taschuk B. Hemminger N. Kalikas J. Primetown B. Wharton R. Doxtator
Fight #1 Nakamura Martin Martin. Martin Martin. Martin Martin Martin Martin
Fight #2 Anderson Cummins Anderson Anderson Cummins Cummins Anderson Anderson Anderson
Fight #3 Chagas Chagas Chagas Siyar Chagas Chagas Chagas Siyar Chagas
Fight #4 Merab  Simon Simon Simon Merab Merab Simon Simon Merab
Fight #5 Garcia  Garcia Garcia LaFlare LaFlare LaFlare LaFlare Garcia Garcia
Fight #6 Hooker  Hooker Hooker Hooker Hooker Hooker Hooker Hooker Miller
Fight #7 Sterling Johns Johns Sterling Johns Johns Sterling Johns Sterling
Fight #8 Branch  Santos Santos Branch Santos Branch Branch Santos Santos
Fight #9 Willis  Willis Willis Willis Willis Willis Willis Willis Sherman
Fight #10 Edgar  Edgar Edgar Edgar Edgar Edgar Edgar Cub Cub
Fight #11 Barboza Barboza Lee Barboza Barboza Barboza Barboza Lee Barboza
 Last Event  7-7  9-5  7-7  8-6 12-2  10-4  8-6  8-6  9-5
 2018 Record  71-55  68-58  81-45  70-56  81-45  77-49  71-55  75-51  80-46

2018 Results

UFConFOX 29 
UFC 223 
UFC Fight Night 127
UFC 222
UFC Fight Night 126
UFC 221
UFC Fight Night 125
UFC 220
UFC Fight Night 124

Final Results 2017 -Winner: Nick Kalikas

Final Results 2016 -Winner: Nick Kalikas 

Final Results 2015 – Winner: Brad Taschuk

Final Results 2014 -Winner: James Lynch 

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