The Importance of Glove Size in Mayweather-McGregor Fight

One of Conor McGregor’s sticking points during this world wide press conference was Floyd¬†Mayweather’s glove demands for the fight. Prompting the most recent response from Mayweather “Whatever advantage McGregor needs to feel more comfortable in the ring, I’m willing to accommodate. Let’s give the boxing and MMA fans what they want to see.” However it’s the commission who sets the glove size and not the promotions. Giving the impression as he didn’t care if they caught in 8oz gloves made by any brand.

Gloves sometimes can be a contentious issue in boxing, as it was in the May 3 fight, when Mayweather insisted Maidana wear Everlast Powerlock model gloves rather than Everlast MX, the latter of which includes horsehair as part of the padding. Hence Mayweathers request for this fight was to be expected. The disagreement on the eve of the Maidana fight included a Mayweather threat to cancel the event if Maidana didn’t comply. Maidana eventually agreed to the demands in order to make the fight happen. The rules for McGregor seemed to agreed upon from the outset.

You can watch the initial confrontation that set the ongoing glove controversy in motion here:

This McGregor fight, like the Manny Pacquiao fight will involve no disputed glove preference, in fact, they have put the glove terms in writing to avoid any mishaps. The agreed terms for the Manny superfight however would it be contested with each fighter’s preferred 8-ounce gloves. Unlike the Mayweather/McGregor fight which will be contested at 154 which require a mandatory 10-ounce gloves. As in the Pacman fight, it is expected Mayweather will lace up his usual Grant Boxing Gloves made from foam. Pacquiao wore a standard pair Cleto Reyes gloves. This is were things get tricky in the McGregor fight as he stated one of the stipulated stated no gloves are allowed if they are made in Mexico.

Its not yet known which type of boxing glove McGregor will wear. However it’s widely know that Cleto Reyes gloves are made in Mexico. Essentially adding further glove restrictions for this super fight then any of his last fights in general. Leaving little options For McGregor to choose from when it comes to gloves. The importance of glove choice may not seem like a substantial detail to the casual fan, but it can and will have a big influence on the outcome of the fight. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the gear Mayweather will wear for this historic event.

The Grant Professional Fight Gloves are a top choice among many boxers, these gloves feature a fully hand stitched design made from specially tanned leather. With layered foam padding on the front side of the fist, these gloves offer great protection without sacrificing power or comfort. This is not surprising considering “Money” has had issues with hand injuries in the past, so much that he often cycles his gloves in training camp. Grant boxing gloves provide a snug fit that easily conforms to the shape of your hand. Imported directly from Mexico, Grant gloves are well balanced, and not as soft and protective as the Winning brand gloves, often referred to as “pillow gloves”. Such boxers as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield and Gennady Golovkin choose Grant boxing gloves on fight night.

Mayweather reportedly picked a pair for his Berto fight which would cost around $2,500. However Maywether gets gloves for free from his sponsor Grant Worldwide.

In terms of glove size, both men will wear 10-ounce gloves in this upcoming tilt, which will be sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Floyd has 2 oz less of padding when he fights at 140. Welterweights and under wear 8 oz. Therefore Floyd has to wear 10 oz gloves when he fights at 154. Determining the size which weight class the fight would take place at will essentially determined the fight. Therefore it was undoubtedly a strategic decision to make the fight at 154 pounds. Unless the weight for the bout is changed, nothing McGregor or Mayweather will say will change that fact.

Fighting at 154 is something Mayweather has done on four separate occasions – all against heavy hitters or knock out artist. McGregor made an interesting remark in that he believes if Mayweather weighs in at 154 he’s compromising his optimal fitness level as McGregor believes his optimal somewhere below 150. It’s doubtful that Mayweather will weigh in anywhere north of 152 pounds. As Mayweather is permitted to weigh in at the light middleweight which is 147 pounds. Forcing McGregor to fight at the welterweight limit of 147 pounds would not cause the depletion benefits that would outweigh the benefits of using 10oz gloves. Those benefits further complement Mayweather style and protect his biggest insecurity – his brittle hands.

You can watch Mayweather explain how he ‘broke’ both his hands in the his last fight against Andre Berto here:

“He has all the problems in the world with his hands,” says Miguel Diaz, a veteran cutman who wrapped Mayweather’s hands and worked with him for five year after the boxer turned pro in 1996. Diaz, who works for Pacquaio, has been working corners in boxing for so long he’s also wrapped the hands of the other fighters in the famous Mayweather boxing family: his father Floyd; his Roger; his uncle Jeff. Diaz also has a theory as to why the Mayweathers hands are like peanut brittle. “They all have the same hands, and the same problems… They didn’t have enough calcium as babies. Their bones did not grow strong.” Whatever the reason be, it’s well documented that Mayweather has an insecurity about breaking his hands during a fight once again.

For years, to treat boxers that had weak hands, Diaz says he and other cornermen would use a syringe before the fight and inject Novocain into their hands to numb any pain. But in recent years, he’s stopped because current state guidelines forbid the use of Novocain.

That doesn’t mean Mayweather hasn’t found way around this which ultimately go unnoticed. The hot female hand therapist Mayweather brings during his promotional videos is what he wants you to see. Behind the scenes Mayweather and the cornermen that service him have found other solutions to the problem with questionable ties to of all places Mexico.

“I use a medicine from Mexico,” Rafael Garcia, the longtime private cutman and hand-wrapper of Mayweather Jr. has been quoted saying in direct reference to Mayweather. Rafael Garcia is a living museum, having learned to box in the 1940s, and working the corners of champions like Roberto Duran. During training sessions Garcia is well known for recording Mayweather’s punches on a heavy bag with a pitch counter, while getting those around the champion to bark, “Hard work! Dedication!”

You can watch Garcia’s version of coining the slogan here:

Garcia is in his late 80’s and is now retired as at one point he feared he was going to be pushed out eventually from the Money Team. It is unknown is he will work Mayweathers corner for the McGregor Fight but he was not hired for the Berto fight. Garcia has worked with Mayweather since his 2001 fight against Diego Corrales. Over years, Mayweather said, Garcia banished the pain that had plagued him. Garcia said he wrapped Mayweather’s hands more loosely, augmenting technique with his special oil. The Nevada boxing commission even summoned Garcia to show his process to 20 of its inspectors. Even though he was eventually replaced in some capacity by Mayweather the relationship between the two remains unbreakable. “He loves me, and I love him,” Garcia said of his relationship with Mayweather.

Well before the Mexico medicine statement came to forefront rumours spread that Mayweather shot painkillers into his hands during Mosley fight, specifically Xylocaine, a substance legal only in Nevada and only under a doctor’s supervision. “I’m from the hood,” Naazim Richardson, Mosley’s trainer, said on a recent conference call. “The only ‘caine I want to hear is Big Daddy Kane.” As always Mayweather credits Garcia, the man Mayweather refers to as Granddaddy, as the remedy. Garcia almost died once, his heart stopping before doctors revived him, bringing him back to life. According to Mayweather, Garcia did the same for his hands and, by extension, his career.

Mayweather and his adviser Leonard Ellerbe both vehemently denied that Mayweather had ever injected anything into his hands, insisting that jealous opponents had attempted to discredit Mayweather’s accomplishments. However Garcia has never revealed any further details about the medicine he uses. Cut men such as Garcia earn about $50,000, or more, on major fights so their is good reason to hold your secrets tight to your chest. In the UFC the cut man is provided by the company. Despite Garcia’s loyalty and Mayweathers long time praise a new member of the Money team in Bob Ware, wraps his hands for the fights.

Ware does not come out of boxing’s history books, which is what Mayweather likes about him. Instead of wrapping hands using methods of the past, Ware, who works in Mayweather’s gym here in Las Vegas, has said he’s modernized the practice by locating more advanced sources for the only materials a cornerman can legally use to wrap hands, gauze and adhesive tape. Like Garcia, Ware has been loath to reveal his secrets. Asked by a local reporter where he sourced his gauze, Ware was mum. Asked what made the cloth so special, Ware would say only the cloth was “a conforming gauze.” Whatever that means.

You can watch Freddie Roach question Ware’s methods prior the Pacman fight here:

Mayweather brittle hands remain to be the centre of attention going into the McGregor fight. Ive actually heard him praising grant for making the best gloves after winning one of his fights but i dont know how much he got paid to say it. However according to his demands McGregor couldn’t even wear Grant boxing gloves as they are made in Mexico. The hypocrisy made Mayweather state he’d fight in 8oz gloves to deflect attention knowing that such a change would be merely impossible. As NSCA executive director Bob Bennett said Tuesday that the commission would not bend to Mayweather’s request, regardless of whether both fighters agree, because it goes against their own rules.

“These regulations are in place for the health and safety of the athletes, which is of the utmost importance to the commission,” Bennett told ESPN. “Our regulations already outline the appropriate glove size according to contracted weight of a fight.” Therefore the size and make of the gloves essentially become the most important nonissue leading up to the fight. Mayweather’s assertion he’d fight in 8oz had about as much truth as Mayweather’s plan to fight McGregor in the Octagon.

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