Updated Fighter Grades: Post-UFC Fight Night 108

Jay Primetown gives his thoughts on each of the fighters who competed at UFC Fight Night 108 in Nashville, Tennessee. Jay gives his letter grades for each fighter on TheMMA-Analysis podcast which can be found on MMAOddsBreaker.com.

Hector Sandoval vs. Matt Schnell

Sandoval: His combination of speed and power were the difference in this fight. He was able to land first and secure takedowns with relative ease in this bout. He ultimately finished with hammer fists from top control to get the win, and it’s a victory that gives him a deserved bump in grade. Upgraded from C- to C

Schnell: A really poor performance from the former Legacy FC champion. He didn’t use his length advantage and got stuck in a brawl with a fighter who was looking to brawl. This is his second straight first round knockout loss. It’s likely he will be cut from the UFC. Downgraded from C- to D+

Bryan Barbarena vs. Joe Proctor

Barbarena: A solid effort from the MMA Lab product. He was facing an opponent moving up in weight and coming off a long layoff. Barbarena didn’t allow Proctor to get into the fight. Once he had him stunned, he went in for the finish and was able to get it. Grade remains C

Proctor: The move up in weight didn’t do Proctor any good. He didn’t possess a speed advantage in this bout nor does he have power in his strikes to keep his opponents honest. This is his third first round loss in his last four fights. With the defeat, I expect him to be released from the UFC. Downgraded from D+ to D

Cindy Dandois vs. Alexis Davis

Dandois: She did a good job of securing takedowns, but her inability to mount much offense from top position cost her in this fight. It was a very close fight, and the judges opted to award the fight from the fighter who was more active in the ground exchanges, and that was Davis. Grade remains C-

Davis: Despite having her hand raised, this was a really poor performance from Davis. She had a significant skill advantage on the feet but wasn’t able to land anything of significance. Furthermore, she did a really poor job of defending takedowns and was repeatedly put on her back in this bout. She was lucky to be awarded the decision. Downgraded from B to C+

Jessica Penne vs. Danielle Taylor

Penne: Her inability to secure takedowns forced her into a standup bout with Taylor. Despite being much longer, she struggled to land any significant punches. She did a decent job in the clinch to land knees, but it was too little too late after Taylor had won the first two rounds of the fight. Downgraded from C+ to C-

Taylor: She’s certainly small for the weight class, but she packs real power in her hands, which gives her a major advantage in fights where she is able to get inside and land punches. She did a good job of defending takedowns and that was imperative to her being able to win rounds and get the biggest win of her career. Grade remains C-

Scott Holtzman vs. Michael McBride

Holtzman: An all-around effort from the hometown fighter, as he controlled this fight from start to finish to get an easy win on the scorecards. What stood out in this fight was his pace, as he did not relent in this bout. Grade remains D+

McBride: He’s an awkward fighter that can give opponents some issues, but ultimately he’s not a fighter that is going to be able to contend in the UFC. He’s way too hittable and doesn’t have the wrestling to control fights on the ground. Downgraded from D to D-

Brandon Moreno vs. Dustin Ortiz

Moreno: In the first round, he struggled to maintain distance and was taken down by Ortiz multiple times. Moreno did fight through them and was able to get back to his feet repeatedly. The complexion of the fight completely changed when Moreno landed a head kick that floored Ortiz. He turned it on from that point and was able to secure a choke that forced Ortiz to win. A huge victory for Moreno and easily the biggest of his career. Upgraded from C- to C

Ortiz: A tough loss for the ninth-ranked flyweight after controlling the first round. It was a close second round when he got floored by a Moreno head kick and lost all his senses. The submission loss was the first time he was submitted during his career. If these two fighters fought 10 times, I have to believe Ortiz would have won more than his fair share of the fights, but not on this day. Downgraded from B- to C

Sam Alvey vs. Thales Leites

Alvey: He really struggled to figure out his opponent. Alvey is a counterstriker, but has he found his success against boxers as opposed to fighters kicking from range. He was never able to hurt Leites in this fight, as the Brazilian was able to cruise to a decision. Grade remains C

Leites: He employed an excellent game plan by delivering heavy leg kicks to Alvey’s lead leg. This forced Alvey to be more tentative and not be able to rush forward like he typically does. A solid win for Leites to reestablish himself as one of the division’s top gatekeepers. Upgraded from C to C+

Jake Ellenberger vs. Mike Perry

Ellenberger: He started the fight off with a takedown, but it went downhill from there. He was able to land some decent strikes, including a couple nice body kicks, but ultimately he didn’t have the chin to hang with Perry. He was dropped early in the second round, and when he got back to his feet, he was hit with a heavy elbow that floored him. It was the type of knockout that will be hard to return from. Downgraded from C to C-

Perry: It took him a few minutes to get into this fight, but when he did, he really made a mark. Perry’s one-shot elbow knockout will be on the shortlist for Knockout of the Year. This is a win that certainly solidifies Perry’s place in the welterweight division. Grade remains C

Joe Lauzon vs. Stevie Ray

Lauzon: He had an excellent first round in securing a takedown, advancing position and landing ground-and-pound. After the first round though, he slowed down significantly and took too many punches to be able to win a decision. Grade remains C

Ray: He took a lot of damage in the first round but really took advantage of Lauzon emptying the tank in round two to be able to win a close decision. Grade remains C

John Dodson vs. Eddie Wineland

Dodson: Speed is the name of the game for Dodson, and he was light years ahead in this bout against Wineland. He had major success with his overhand left and was able to land it throughout the fight to win an easy decision on the scorecards. Grade remains A-

Wineland: He struggled to land any significant strikes in this fight, as every time he threw, Dodson had already moved two steps back. Wineland got down early in this fight, and it got worse as the fight wore on. Wineland is primarily a boxer, and with limitations beyond that, he really struggles against well-rounded mixed martial artists. Downgraded from B- to C+

Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Ovince St. Preux

De Lima: He started the fight well, but as is customary in a de Lima fight, he ran out of gas at the end of the first round. Once he was taken to the mat early in round two, he was in big trouble. It wasn’t long before he was forced to submit. De Lima is the definition of a one-round fighter. Grade remains D

St. Preux: He employed a very smart strategy in this fight. Given his opponent’s typical strong starts and before slowing down, St. Preux limited his engagement in round one and then really took de Lima to task in the second round. After battering his opponent with elbows, St. Preux secured his trademark Von St. Preux choke and got the finish. This was a fight he needed to win after being on the worst run of his career. Grade remains C+

Al Iaquinta vs. Diego Sanchez

Iaquinta: He’s been out of the Octagon for two years and was able to get back into the cage and make quick work of Sanchez. Not sure what’s next for him, but I’d like to see Iaquinta back in the cage quickly. He’s an entertaining fighter to say the least. Grade remains B

Sanchez: The Jackson’s MMA fighter has been in this game for a long time, but it’s time to hang up the gloves. He’s taken way too much damage during his career, and his chin simply cannot the hits anymore. This loss was difficult to watch. Downgraded from C to D+

Artem Lobov vs. Cub Swanson

Lobov: He was surprisingly competitive in this fight, with some moments early on. Towards the end of the fight though, he ran out of gas and was out-classed by a far superior striker. All in all, a decent performance in defeat. Upgraded from D+ to C-

Swanson: Swanson is likely not going to contend for the title again, but he’s become a fighter that puts on a terrific show, and one the UFC can rely on to headline a card and entertain. He certainly allowed Lobov to strike with him, but as the fight progressed, Swanson’s talent shined through, as he landed bigger, better and significantly more strikes than his opponent to win a decision. Grade remains B+


Written by Jay Primetown

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