Five Crazy UFC 160 Prop Bets That Cashed Big

George Roop There is often an insane amount of value hidden in the prop bets for UFC cards, but they are hard to hit for a reason because sometimes they cash out as the result of flukes, bad judging, or just plain randomness. But sometimes they cash out because you did your research and you nailed how the fight would go on the head of the hammer. Here are five props from the UFC 160 card that cashed out big time, based on the closing odds at Several Bookmakers: Junior dos Santos wins in round three (+850) One of the best knockouts of the night also proved to be lucrative for bettors when Junior dos Santos knocked out hard-headed Mark Hunt in round three of their fight. The prop bet for dos Santos to win in round three paid out a massive +850, so anyone who put their money on Hunt being able to withstand dos Santos’ attacks only until the third round cashed out big time because +850 is a very nice take. TJ Grant Wins Knockout of the Night (+2300) Although UFC president Dana White was going to give dos Santos the Knockout of the Night trophy, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson — who was a guest of honor at the event — told White to give the award to TJ Grant, and, not only did the Canadian put some extra cash in his pocket for knocking out Gray Maynard, but so did anyone that bet on Grant to win the Knockout of the Night award as it cashed out at a humungous +2300. That means if you put down the $100 max bet on that prop you cashed out $2300 — not bad for predicting that Grant would have the most impressive knockout of the night. Robert Whittaker wins in round three (+1250) It took him until round three, but Robert Whittaker finally got the T/KO win over Colton Smith that I figured he would get given Smith’s suspect chin, and the prop for the Aussie to win in the third round cashed out at a juicy +1250. Although I did think Whittaker by T/KO or inside the distance were good plays, I had no idea what round he was going to get the finish in so anyone who bet on him ending the fight in round three deserves kudos. George Roop wins by T/KO (+800) To me, the most shocking knockout on the entire card came courtesy of George Roop, who finished off former WEC bantamweight champion Brian Bowles via second-round T/KO in a victory that immediately established Roop as a threat in the UFC’s 135-pound division. The prop for Roop winning by T/KO cashed out at +800, so anyone who put their cash down on that prop looks like a genius today. Personally, I considered Bowles one of the safer parlay pieces on the entire card and it looked like he was about to win when he knocked Roop down in the first and nearly locked in his signature guillotine choke. But Roop survived and came back in the second round to finish a fatigued Bowles in an extremely impressive finish and anyone who laid their cash on the Roop by T/KO prop gets my respect because that was a prop I never thought would cash. Jeremy Stephens wins by three-round decision (+388) No one thought Jeremy Stephens’ fight against Estevan Payan would go the full three rounds, but that’s exactly what happened as Stephens bashed and bloodied his opponent up over the course of three rounds to win an extremely dominant unanimous decision. The prop for Stephens to win via three-round decision cashed out at +388, so if you were sharp enough to realize that Payan was a tough guy and that Stephens was more likely to use his wrestling with his job on the line than to stand and trade for the full 15 minutes, you made out like a bandit.

Written by Adam Martin.

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