MMAOddsBreaker Premium Recap: UFC Fight Night 96

UFC Fight Night 96 is in the books, so how did Nick Kalikas’ bets do? Well, MMAOddsBreaker Premium had a losing night, going 0-3 on premium bets for -6.7 units overall.

Premium UFC Fight Night 96: 0-3, -6.7 units Wins: none Losses: 2 units: Joachim Christensen (+110), 2 units: Keita Nakamura (-115), 2 units: Kelly Fasholz (-120)   Free Bet(s): 0-1, -1 units Wins: none Losses: 1 unit: Jonathan Wilson (+160)   Total on the night: 0-4, -7.7 units For a complete track record of our plays, click here. To sign up for MMAOddsBreaker Premium, click here.

Written by Brian Hemminger

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