Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Prop Betting Selection

Tyson Fury Wins by Knockout (+275)

Make sure the prop is for knockout and not technical knockout.

Pretty simple and straightforward prop here. Fury is a top-2 heavyweight right now and incredibly talented with his speed, power, and overall boxing prowess. Ngannou is skilled as well but centered around MMA. Ngannou was not ever a truly elite striker but just carried scary knockout power with velocity behind it. His cardio is not something to boast about either so I do not think it will take long for Fury to eventually overwhelm him and possibly land a knockout blow. Fury hits very hard and can definitely land something to put Ngannou out. Either way Fury should get the win here and set up the undisputed fight with Usyk in what is slated for December.

Thanks for reading and best of luck!

Written by Chris White


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