Mayweather vs Paul Prop Betting Selections

Floyd Mayweather has won himself back into another huge payday this weekend. It isn’t against a polished, veteran of the sweet science nor a MMA superstar but instead a YouTube personality who has stepped into the boxing world himself. Floyd Mayweather will compete against Logan Paul in an exhibition match on Showtime pay-per-view this Sunday.

They do not call him ‘Money’ Mayweather for nothing. Not only has he become the highest earning athlete but he has also become the highest paid athlete in any sport in the last decade. Creating a legacy of a 50-0 record and beating a who’s who of boxing talent since turning pro at the age of 19. Now at 44 years old Floyd will once again cash a big check in what should be reportedly around $10 million with a 50% pay-per-view stake. Sources say it could be near $100 million after it is all said and done. Not bad for a quick night of action for the legend.

As for Logan Paul, he is still very green in boxing. Having only one professional fight on his boxing record in a loss to fellow YouTube personality KSI in a rematch in November of 2019. Their first bout came in the form of an amateur fight but which ended in a majority draw. Logan is a tall, lean, but somewhat muscular, athlete who looks to be taking this fight as seriously as any man should who is looking to get their hand raised over Floyd Mayweather. However, it is easier said than done. Luckily for ‘Maverick’ he will also get his share of the pie as he will reportedly rake in a base salary of $250,000 plus a 10% cut of the fight’s pay-per-view earnings. Again, not bad for a YouTube star who is fighting arguably the greatest boxer of all-time in just his second professional fight.

The prediction for this fight will be pretty much straight forward. I am not saying to always rely on “boxing math” when predicting fights but, when you have the self and widely claimed ‘TBE’ fighting a Youtube star with a 0-1 professional record then it seems pretty safe to pick Mayweather here. Watching his rematch with KSI you can just immediately see the defensive flaws and offensive technical inexperience with Paul’s game. He was even stunned and on the backfoot against KSI who has really no business being inside the ropes of a boxing ring. Paul had success in that fight because his partner was equally as inexperienced as he was, if not the worse of the two. Paul has some nice power, he is big and tall but at the end of the day I just cannot see it being anything that Floyd has not dealt with before. If he fights with the intensity and volume he did against KSI then Paul will have a huge adrenaline dump and will quickly gas out against Floyd – who can easily go 15-20 rounds if need be.

You have to be careful with how you bet on this fight because since it is an exhibition the rules are very weird: no judges, no official winner read, knockouts legal, KO is up to the ref’s discretion, no headgear, 12 oz. gloves, and eight 3-minute rounds. Per BetOnline’s rules, if the fight goes to decision then it is deemed no action and bets refunded (check with your book on the rules for this fight). So essentially it may just be better shopping for a Mayweather or Paul TKO/ITD prop depending which one you are wanting to wager your money on.

I am officially picking Mayweather to win by TKO here. Depending how Mayweather chooses to fight then it could be a very short night for Paul or a grueling beatdown for him. Mayweather let McGregor punch himself out and then poured it on in the final rounds for a finish. But against japanese martial artist Tenshin Nasukawa Floyd put him out inside of one round. I think with Paul’s weight and size Mayweather will most likely take his time to break him down with body shots and volume and then look for the finish in the later half of the fight. I don’t really have much confidence in Paul to do anything significant here, but his best chance for success is in the first couple of rounds and hope he catches Mayweather. Floyd is not in his prime anymore but his boxing and defensive prowess can still shine. I think it will be only a matter of time once Floyd is done toying with him that he decides he is ready to end it and cash another rewarding payday.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather wins by (T)KO
Prop(s): Mayweather wins by TKO in round 5: +500
Mayweather wins by TKO in round 6: +600

Thanks for reading and best of luck!

Written by Chris White

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