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By @fightnomics The final fight of the night at UFC 191 may be in the Flyweight division, not known for knockouts, but before that happens plenty of skilled knockout artists will enter the cage, and that includes the title challenger. …

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By Reed Kuhn / Staff Writer / Sep 2, 2015

The Parting Shot Podcast with James Lynch and Carlin Bardsley have teamed up with Kountermove to bring you an invitation for our Ten Cent Game for the upcoming UFC 191 event. If you haven’t played Kountermove before, it’s very easy to play. Just go to, read the instructions, …

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By James Lynch / Staff Writer / Sep 2, 2015

Still up solidly in 2015, Nick Kalikas and crew are looking to get back to their winning ways with UFC Fight Night 74. After losing 6.5 units for UFC Fight Night 74 two weeks ago, MMAOddsbreaker Premium is now up 46.155 units life-to-date. …

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By Brian Hemminger / Staff Writer / Sep 1, 2015

About 10 minutes before this article was to be posted, the news officially broke that Fedor Emelianenko, the greatest heavyweight to ever compete in MMA, will be joining the UFC. Rumors are out there that Emelianenko may make his UFC …

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By Brad Taschuk / Staff Writer / Sep 1, 2015

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