Toutmaster 2016 Results: Post-UFC 199

ToutMaster 2016 (presented by and TheMMA-Analysis Podcast) continued this past weekend with UFC Fight Night 88 in Las Vegas, Nevada. After UFC 199, here’s the updated top 20:   TM-UFC199   WesReynolds has diminished to just 1.1 points as the surging Nizar has jumped up from seventh in the standings all the way to second place. Joining the top three is Great Britain’s BigBilBar7MMA. He currently sits 5.9 points out of first place. On the night itself, theFakeBrock finished first overall with a whopping 16.2 points. He went 9-3-1 on the night hitting two huge underdogs: Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson. To check out the full standings, click the following link: Some additional notes on the card:

  • Favorites to win: 5
  • Underdogs to win: 6
  • Pick ’em Fights: 1
  • Draws: 1
  • Biggest Underdog to win: Michael Bisping (4.75 points)
  • Biggest Consensus Pick: Luke Rockhold (100) / Michael Bisping (9)
  • Biggest Consensus Pick (2016 Record): 11-3-1
  • Most Contentious Pick: Polo Reyes (55) / Dong Hyun Kim (54)
  • Consensus Underdog Pick (More contestants picked underdog than favorite): 17-16

  After a wild UFC 199 card, we see one more event in June (UFC Fight Night 89) before heading into the busiest part of the calendar. With sux UFC events scheduled in the month of July, opportunities will present themselves for contestants to make a real jump in the standings as we hit the halfway point of the calendar.

Written by Jay Primetown

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