Top trainer Ricky Lundell: ‘I want to be Coach of the Year someday’

MMAOddsBreaker’s Frank Trigg speaks with elite MMA grappling coach Ricky Lundell about former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir’s recent main event victory over Todd Duffee at UFC Fight Night 71 at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California.

The talented grappler takes on different roles with multiple different fighters from Mir to Carlos Condit andTravis Browne among others, and he went into detail the amount of effort he puts into each of his athletes:

“I want to give my life and my all to my fighters. I don’t want to just run a class at 10am and whoever shows up, shows up and makes it through the fire, they get in. I spend a lot of time on these camps. I spent a LOT of time. My gameplan for Frank Mir was 35 pages. It included pictures, referencing, statistics, how the fight was gonna play out with Todd Duffee. Same thing with Bigfoot Silva and all my gameplans run that way. I’ve done that since the days of Sean Sherk and Kevin Burns. I’ve been doing that a long time. You can only have so much time in teh day. A lot of the reason I’m not out there seeking more and more people is quality starts to diminish. You can only give so much. Frank Mir was down and out. He considered retirement… I stand by my fighters and put time into them and look to make them succeed any way I can…Quality over quantity.”

Written by Frank Trigg

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