UFC on Fox 14 Newcomer Breakdown: Konstantin Erokhin

k_erokhinPrior to each UFC card, Jay Primetown takes a close look at debuting fighters. In the latest installment, we look at Russian heavyweight Konstantin Erokhin as he takes on Viktor Pesta at UFC on Fox 14.   Konstantin Erokhin Hometown: Moscow, Russia Age: 33 Height: 5’11” Weight: 233 lbs. Weightclass: Heavyweight Camp: Career Record: 9-1 Key Wins: Dave Huckaba, Brett Rogers, Sokoudjou Key Losses: None   Background Arguably the top heavyweight currently outside of any of the major MMA promotions, Erokhin enters the UFC behind a 9 fight winning streak. His list of wins is impressive beating the likes of veterans Dave Huckaba, Brett Rogers, and Sokoudjou. All but one of his victories has ended via knockout. Strengths

  • Russian hand to hand combat champion
  • Very good hands
  • Big time power
  • Staggers nearly every fighter the first time he lands a head shot
  • Good counter striker
  • Above average takedown wrestling


  • Doesn’t use many kicks
  • Cardio is a question mark
  • Submission game is non-existent



  Matchup with Viktor Pesta While Konstantin Erokhin is relatively old to be making his UFC debut, it’s pretty clear from the footage that he’s the best heavyweight “prospect” to enter the UFC since Ruslan Magomedov. Erokhin has big time power and that’s going to make it very difficult for Viktor Pesta. The Czech fighter is a pretty good prospect in his own right, but the man he is facing simply has a weapon that is hard to match: pure power. Erokhin enters the UFC with perhaps top 5 knockout power in all of the division. Nearly every fighter he faces, he’s able to drop within the first exchange he lands. The only way I can see Pesta winning this fight is if it somehow goes to the ground and he can work in submissions. Erokhin is a complete unknown on the ground simply because he’s never had to as he’s able to finish nearly every fight on the feet. Erokhin’s ability to be patient and counter with devastating strikes is very likely how this fight goes. Erokhin by knockout (-170) at time of publication on Several Bookmakers is the most likely outcome in this fight and should be considered when placing bets this weekend. UFC Ceiling Konstantin Erokhin is a very exciting addition to the UFC’s heavyweight division. In a division in desperate need of talent, he’s a great fit. He’s the type of fighter that fans will be willing to support. He’s got great hands, athletic, and has huge one punch knockout power. Outside of Junior dos Santos and Roy Nelson, Erokhin may have the biggest punching power in the entire division. While there isn’t much buzz behind Erokhin yet, I expect him to excel in his UFC career and get name opponents after a couple wins. He has the potential to be a top 10 fighter in the division, but will need to show conditioning when he’s forced to fight longer matches as well as his ability to defend in grappling decision to make it there. For now, he’s simply one to watch in his debut.   Fight Film   Konstantin Erokhin vs. Michal Andryszak


  Konstantin Erokhin vs. Dave Huckaba


  Konstantin Erokhin vs. Sokoudjou


Written by Jay Primetown

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