UFC Featherweight Title: Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor Opening Betting Line

Aldo McGregorWith his victory at UFC Fight Night 59, Conor Mcgregor clinched a featherweight title shot against reigning champion Jose Aldo. While the date and venue haven’t been confirmed as of yet, this bout was already the most anticipated 145lb fight to take place in the UFC even before McGregor knocked out Dennis Siver in Boston. In fact, the demand for this fight is so high that MMA oddsmaker Nick Kalikas and Several Bookmakers owner Tony Williams have already released the opening odds for the bout at Several Bookmakers. Naturally, the champion — who brings an 18-fight 8-plus year undefeated streak into the bout — is the early favorite in the bout. The challenger — who is either the biggest challenge to Aldo’s crown or in over his head, depending on who you ask — is the underdog for the first time in his UFC career. In an interesting twist, there have been three lines opened for this bout, as there has been some debate as to where the bout will take place, and it certainly will affect the public’s perception of the contest. The lines are set for the bout taking place in the US, Ireland, or Brazil, and Several Bookmakers will be accepting parlay action on each line, so if you see a number you like regardless of location you’re free to tie it in with another bet. The locations not used for the bout will see those bets refunded with no action. As of right now, Vegas is the leading contender for the bout, with Ireland in second place. The champion has expressed his desire for the bout to take place in Brazil, but that seems unlikely. Here are the three lines: ——————– If the fight takes place in the USA: Jose Aldo -210 Conor McGregor +160 ——————– If the fight takes place in Ireland: Jose Aldo -140 Conor McGregor +100 ——————– If the fight takes place in Brazil: Jose Aldo -270 Conor McGregor +190 ——————– Personally, I think there are several things that have been overlooked in McGregor’s performances because of his flashy finishes and flashier words. He doesn’t check leg kicks well (if at all), and facing the man with the best leg kicks in all of MMA, that’s going to severely limit the movement he likes to employ so much. Aldo has also shown a great chin, a trait only shared by Max Holloway of McGregor’s opponents. It will take far more than one shot from McGregor to put Aldo away, and in that time I think the champion can either answer back or use his underrated wrestling to get this fight to the ground. McGregor is unquestionably a talented fighter, but I believe this fight is a case of the UFC being smart and striking while the iron is hot to make a big fight. I hope the hype continues on the Irishman, as another relatively close Aldo line — like those for the Edgar and Mendes fights — would be quite welcome to me.

Written by Brad Taschuk

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