UFC and Reebok’s Excellent Adventure: Gabe’s Thoughts on the New Uniform Deal

reebok_logo_1986One small step for the UFC and one giant leap for MMA. On Tuesday (December 2, 2014), UFC President Dana White announced that the promotion had struck a six-year deal with Reebok, and beginning in 2015, will be employing a uniform policy. Numbered are the days of logos on shorts, fight banners and the words “Dynamic Fastener” popping up on our television screens. The New Year brings new life into the world of mixed martial arts and sets a new standard, as fighters no longer have to worry about not only finding sponsors, but getting them to pay up. Thanks to this new deal, all sponsor troubles will be a headache of the past. Reebok, long-time sponsor for NBA, NFL and MLB athletes will now be the sole sponsor for every fighter on the UFC’s roster, and their pay will be depending on rank, which the UFC figures will motivate fighters to win even more than they already are. The title holder in each division will receive the most sponsor money, with fighters ranked #1 through #5 being next on the chain, followed by fighters ranked #6 though #10, then #11 through #15 and then finally, unranked fighters. Not only will the fighters be receiving sponsor money, but they will also be compensated 20 percent for any merchandise sold with their name on it. In a sense, each fighter will now be enjoying and operating his/her own business. Many athletes on the UFC roster are happy with the new deal, taking their joy to Twitter:

Joe Ellenberger: Lookin fwd to the @ufc deal with @Reebok! Thanks @danawhite & @lorenzofertitta for raising the bar. MMA continues to evolve. #legit Jessica Eye: I like @ufc @danawhite uniform deal.just brings more legitimacy to MMA in the UFC.Just like NFL,NBA We all know UFC will have best uniform 2 Tim Kennedy: Definitely a new chapter for MMA. #Reebok #UFC

I am in agreement with Mr. Kennedy, as I do indeed believe this to be a new chapter in the evolution of mixed martial arts and further legitimizes the sport. Despite being sponsored by the same company, I foresee every fighter having their own unique style, and from a creative standpoint, Reebok would certainly meet their needs far more than their current mom and pop sponsors ever could. Curious and excited, I look forward to seeing what each and every fighter’s uniform looks like. For every hardcore fight fan, this will be a little treat added to every match-up.

Written by Gabe Killian

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