Titan FC 28’s Jason Brilz: ‘I’ve been fighting tall people my entire career’

MMA Oddsbreaker’s Frank Trigg speaks with Titan FC 28 light heavyweight Jason Brilz as he prepares for his main event bout this Friday night (May 16, 2014) against Raphael Davis at the First Council Casino Hotel in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

The talented grappler knows he’ll be at a size disadvantage against Davis, but it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before:

“I’ve been fighting tall people my entire career. I’m pretty short for a light heavyweight. I’ve always been short and I don’t cut a ton of weight like most guys. I walk around at maybe 220 so my weight cut is very minimal. But I wrestled for quite a few years. I wrestled for the University of Nebraska in Omaha for five years and I coached there for 12 years so my drastic weight-cutting days are behind me.” 

Written by Frank Trigg

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