Retired UFC Middleweight Brian Stann talks life after fighting

MMAOddsBreaker’s Frank Trigg speaks with retired UFC Middleweight Brian Stann about life after fighting, including his stints as a UFC and college football commentator as well as his expanded role with his charity Hire Heroes USA.

The former WEC champion discussed the differences between working for UFC and for Fox, as well as how his retirement has helped him be able to spend more time with his family:

“For me, I’m not away from the kids as much when you compare it to my training camps in Albuquerque. When I would do my camps in Albuquerque, I’d probably be away from my kids for 5-6 weeks during camp. I wouldn’t bring them with me but I’d fly home every weekend. I’d spend a lot of money to still be involved in family life. The good thing with TV work is I can choose. My deal with Zuffa is they can call me and say, “Hey, do you want to do this card?” I can say yes or no. There’s nothing like they call me and say, “We need you for these dates and these dates and these dates.” I build it so I’m only gone for two weekends a month. That’s what I try to do. It’s a fortunate thing. TV work in comparison to being a marine corps officer, in comparison to my day job running Hire Heroes USA and in comparison to being a fighter, it’s a lot of fun. It requires me to do a lot of prep-work, but my prep-work is watching football games, studying players, watching fighters and talking to coaches. I love those two sports so it’s a lot of fun. I’m very blessed to be able to do it. At one point somebody’s gonna realize I’m an impostor and I won’t be able to do it anymore, but I will ride that wave as long as I can.” 

Written by Frank Trigg

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