TUF China Finale Prop Bets That Cashed Big

Kim Hathaway The TUF China Finale was a way better event than expected, especially for those of you who made some cash betting on the prop bets available, of which there were quite a few. Here’s five crazy TUF China finale prop bets that cashed big based on the closing odds at Several Bookmakers. Dong Hyun Kim wins by T/KO (+300)/Kim wins in round three (+1100) In the main event of the evening, Dong Hyun Kim knocked out John Hathaway with a vicious spinning back elbow in one of the best knockouts ever witnessed in MMA. An unbelievable moment for Kim, and for the bettors who were backing him as it was a profitable night as the prop on Kim by T/KO cashed at +300 and the prop on Kim in round three cashed at +1100. Lipeng Zhang wins by three-round decision (+369) In the co-main event of the evening, Lipeng Zhang took a controversial split decision over Wang Sai to capture the TUF China welterweight title. It was a very competitive fight and although most felt Sai did enough to win, Zhang was given the nod by the judges, and as soon as they did the prop bet on him winning by decision cashed out at a nice +369. Yui Chul Nam vs. Kazuki Tokudome wins Fight of the Night (+650) In a lightweight bout that won Fight of the Night, Yui Chul Nam and Kazuki Tokudome went to war for three rounds for the crowd’s entertainment in one of the best fights all year. Based on round-by-round scoring, the fight was close, but due to the six knockdowns that Tokudome suffered it was clear Nam should win and thankfully the judges gave him the nod. The fight was so good that it won FOTN, and the prop on that was +650. Vaughan Lee wins by decision (+246) In a one-sided bantamweight bout, Vaughan Lee pulled off a little upset as he was able to outpoint Nam Phan en route to a clear unanimous decision win. Lee looked like a new fighter, throwing a number of amazing combinations and constantly being the aggressor. Due to his fine efforts, the prop bet on Lee cashed out at +246, a nice number for anyone banking on Phan’s toughness coming through once again. Mark Eddiva wins by three-round decision (+768) And finally, in the first fight of the night, Mark Eddiva upset Jumabieke Tuerxun by winning via unanimous decision. It was an awful fight but the underdog Eddiva deserved the judges’ nods, and anyone who was backing him to win by decision scored at a nice +768 clip.

Written by Adam Martin.

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