MMA Odds and Ends for Monday: Five Crazy UFC 169 Prop Bets That Cashed Big

UFC-156 UFC 169 featured a number of unexpected outcomes by a number of different fighters, and when that happens, big prop bets cash out. Here’s five crazy UFC 169 prop bets that cashed big based on the closing odds at Several Bookmakers. Renan Barao Wins By T/KO (+395)/Barao Wins In Round One (+625) In the main event of uFC 169, Renan Barao was able to knock Urijah Faber down to the mat early on and then finish him off with hammerfists. Some thought the stoppage was early, some thought it was fine, but either way Barao cashed as a winner and the prop on him to win by T/KO hit at a gigantic +395. The prop on Barao wins in round one also hit at +625. Alistair Overeem Wins By Decision (+565) In a heavyweight fight, Alistair Overeem defeated Frank Mir via unanimous decision. Most believed Reem would finish the fight so the prop on Reem by decision closed at +565 — congrats if you took a piece. Ali Bagautinov Wins By Decision (+362) In a flyweight bout, Ali Bagautinov used his well-rounded skillset to nullify John Lineker and win a unanimous decision on the scorecards. The prop on Bagautinov wins by decision was +362, so nice job if you predicted that method correctly. Abel Trujillo Wins By T/KO (+330)/Trujillo Wins In Round Two (+750)/Trujillo vs. Varner Wins FOTN (+520)/Trujillo Wins KOTN (+1300) In the opening main card bout of the UFC 169 PPV, Abel Trujillo stamped his name as a lightweight contender with a stunning second-round KO of Jamie Varner. It was the first time Varner had ever been finished in his career, and it came after he was winning the first round-and-a-half of the fight against Trujillo. Despite Varner controlling the majority of the bout, he ended up on the losing end — however, he did win a share of FOTN, and that prop cashed out at +520 for the fight. As well, Trujillo was awarded the evening’s KOTN bonus, and that prop closed at +1300. And the props on Trujillo wins by T/KO and in round two scored at +330 and +750, respectively. Basically, if you were relying on Trujillo to come through, then you had a good night. Alan Patrick Wins By Decision (+295) In one of the preliminary card bouts, Alan Patrick took a highly controversial unanimous decision over John Makdessi. The majority of those watching thought Makdessi clearly won two rounds, but for some reason the judges thought otherwise and awarded Patrick the decision. The prop on Patrick by decision cashed at +295, so nice call if you got it, even if the judges messed up (again).

Written by Adam Martin.

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