Boxing Results: The Outing of Adrien Broner

marcos-maidanaLast night (Dec. 14, 2013), at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, boxer Adrien Broner was dismantled by veteran Marcos Maidana in a 12 round decision that saw Broner maybe win two rounds. The boxing world had heard the Broner hype now for a while, because with his big mouth, Broner had been saying it for a while. What came out of Texas last night exposed a boxer with a lot of work left to do, and one that will probably never make it to the top. For the record, Broner was favored heading into the fight. Maidana deserves credit, he fought a gritty hard-nosed fight against Broner, and it was probably early in the fight when Maidana knew he had the right gameplan. Broner hit Maidana with nothing of consequence throughout the bout, showing a remarkable lack of power against a guy who stood in front of him the whole time. Maidana sat Broner down on his butt in the second round and he would do so again later in the fight. But what was most telling about Broner was his inability to deal with a firefight. He wilted under the pressure and never had an answer. During one sequence he was holding Maidana’s head down in a clinch, and Maidana forced his head free upwards, perhaps grazing Broner’s chin on the way up. What followed on Broner’s part says it all. He threw himself to the floor in a performance he must have seen from the world of soccer, grimacing and pleading to the referee that he had been headbutted. It is at this point that it was clear Broner was looking for any way out of the fight. And with his low personal integrity, he was practically crying to the referee hoping to get the fight stopped. For his part, Maidana stayed cool and actually seemed to gain confidence after Broner’s crybaby act. The replay showed barely any contact, and after the round, even Broner’s corner was demoralized and probably embarrassed, and they are usually the most inflated bandwagon in the game, Under no circumstances should Maidana give Broner a rematch, and Broner may not want one after the beating he took, but this was Broner’s step-up fight and he failed miserably. Broner had already managed to use his hype to get on a fast track to the top, hanging with Mayweather and as the term goes ‘Shaqting the fool’ in the media, but that should no longer be the case. Broner should be forced to do the hard work he has been avoiding and he needs to notch at least one or two quality wins to even be relevant. Such is the sad state of boxing today that this is probably not the last we have seen of Adrien Broner, but it can be hoped the world now longer buys his flimsy act. Broner vs Maidana highlights

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