WWE Survivor Series 2013 Preview and Latest Odds

0SurvivorWWE’s annual Survivor Series Pay-Per-View takes place tomorrow night (Nov. 24, 2013) at the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts. Last month at Hell in a Cell, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton finally brought their feud to a close – but only because special guest referee Shawn Michaels took matters into his own hands. Despite the obvious collusion between the “Authority” of Triple H & Stephanie McMahon and the official in the ring, the decision was allowed to stand and Daniel Bryan was removed from title contention. Randy Orton (-7500) may be the hand picked champion of the company, but that doesn’t mean he gets to take a month off. Big Show (+2500) forced his way into title contention by threatening Triple H & Stephanie McMahon with a lawsuit for wrongful termination – he got his job back and a title shot to go along with it. The oddsmakers are not giving Big Show much of a chance, but it is certainly tempting to bet on a man who is a foot taller and a couple of hundred pounds heavier than his opponent. The problem is that the same collusion that prevented Daniel Bryan from supplanting Randy Orton is likely at play here too. Frankly the odds are even longer in the night’s other title match – John Cena (-24000) defending his strap against Alberto Del Rio (+6000). The line makes sense though given that WWE brought Cena back early from surgery on his arm just to put a title around his waist, and it would be a bit obscene to take it off him so quickly after that. If you want to play the long odds though, just remember there’s always that small chance that when things seem TOO predictable, Vince McMahon shakes things up. Things narrow down a little bit from there. In a tag team match, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan (-2000) take on the Wyatt Family (+1000). Personally I’ve picked the Wyatt Family to win because it’s a 2-on-2 match but I expect Bray Wyatt to interfere somehow, giving the faces a reason to get revenge in a 3-on-3 at the next PPV with a partner of their choosing. The fact the oddsmakers favor “The Best & The Beard” as they are called though shows WWE’s current mentality – if neither Punk or Bryan get to be in world title contention they might as well get to make their fans happy with a win. Other matches of interest on this loaded card – The Shield & The Real Americans (-2750) face Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Usos & Mysterio (+1250) in a traditional elimination match. Team Natalya (-900) takes on Team AJ Lee (+500) in the night’s other elimination match. Big E Langston (-2750) is a heavy favorite to retain the Intercontinental Title he just beat Curtis Axel (+1250) for on Monday. And in a pre-show match, The Miz (-900) goes one on one with Kofi Kingston (+500). All descriptions and accounts in this article are for entertainment purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as actual gambling advice. WWE events are pre-scripted and the odds tend to reflect the creative direction of the writing team, though WWE has been known to make last minute changes before. If you do wager on the PPV, please gamble responsibly. Enjoy WWE Hell in a Cell this Sunday!

Written by Stevie J

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