UFN 30 MMAOB Premium Recap: 2 Month Win Streak Comes to an End

UFC Fight Night 30 is over, as is the 2 month win streak for both MMAOB Premium and Fury’s Free Bets. Premium took a loss going 1-2 for -7.48 units, while Fury’s Free Bets actually won, going 1-0 for +1.5 units. Unfortunately a controversial No Contest cost the team what looked like a winner with Melvin Guillard, which would have limited the damage, although still resulted in a loss overall. Despite the win streak coming to an end, MMAOB Premium has still won on 10 of the last 12 events and is up over 20 units overall. Meanwhile, Fury’s Free Bets are up over 40 units.

  • Premium Bets

UFN 30: 1-2, -8.98 units Wins: 3u Sarnavskiy/Guillard parlay +116 (Guillard was a NC, so this turned into a 0.77 unit win on Sarnavskiy straight) Losses: 3u Lineker/Kuiper parlays -140, Andrew Craig -185

  • Fury’s Free Bets

Bellator 105: 1-0, +1.5 units Wins: 1.5u Will Brooks -165 Losses: None For the full track records, click here.

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