UFC Fight Night 30’s Mark Munoz: ‘I’m gonna use the weight cut to my advantage’

MMA Oddsbreaker’s Frank Trigg speaks with UFC Fight Night 30 headliner Mark Munoz before his upcoming main event tonight (Oct. 26, 2013) at the Phones 4u Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The Reign MMA owner won’t have the striking advantage against the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, but he feels that Machida’s first cut to 185 pounds could weigh in his favor:

“He’s never been a big 205-pounder so to speak. I think for him cutting to 185, it’s be easier for him that a regular light heavyweight. But, having said that, you and I both know that the last 10 pounds can be very hard to get off and it can be detrimental to your performance based on how you take that off. I’m able to sniff that out. If he’s looking more fatigued in the second than he was in the first round, I’m gonna increase the pace. I’m gonna use that to my advantage. I know how to cut weight and I’ve gone to the point where I had to change that in past fights in regards to my cut. I’ve got it down to a science now where I’m eating and drinking the right things and I know what my body is capable of doing without being detrimental to my performance. I could have went two or three more rounds in the Boetsch fight.”

Written by Frank Trigg

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