MMA Odds and Ends for Thursday: UFC Announced 2014 Fight Schedule

DanaWhite UFC president Dana White yesterday appeared on “FOX Sports Live” and revealed the official 2014 fight schedule for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And it’s a packed one, so get ready fight fans, because your social life is about to be thrown out the window if it hasn’t been already. Here’s the breakdown for the year 2014 in the UFC:

  • There will be 35 total UFC events next year.
  • The UFC will have 13 pay-per-views in 2013, which seems about the norm for the company.
  • There will be four big UFC on FOX events.
  • There will be 14 UFC on FOX Sports 1 events, including two TUF Finales.
  • There will be four UFC on FOX Sports 2 events.

Additionally, White confirmed the promotion will be heading to United Center in Chicago in late January for UFC on FOX 10, as has become standard the last few years since the move to FOX. As well, White said there will be two PPV events in February: UFC 169 on Feb. 1 in New Jersey, and UFC 170 on Feb. 22 in Las Vegas, meaning there will be no pay-per-view in January. As far as the other remaining events, the UFC is expected to travel to Brazil seven times in 2014, although there’s been rumors of 13 events. The UFC is also planning on six events in Europe, including events in London, Istanbul, Berlin, Dublin, Stockholm, and Lodz, although that could be changed. Canada will also be a stop yet again, and the UFC will hold an event in Toronto and Montreal for sure, with additional events in Calgary and Vancouver very likely. Expect Australia, which the UFC visited once this year and twice last year, to be a stop as well. And of course, you can expect Las Vegas to get a number of events, probably around 10 total. Oh, and UFC PR guru Dave Sholler took to Twitter last night and said the promotion is considering stops in Baltimore, Orlando, and Kanas City — although, from reading between the lines, it appears as though Orlando is the only one of those cities with a firm date on the UFC schedule (although they haven’t yet released that). Phew. This all seems like a lot, but considering there were 33 events this year (or will be, when it’s all said and done), an additional two more shouldn’t kill us hardcores, especially since the extra two events will likely take place on Wednesday nights. Either way, 2014 is going to be a huge year in mixed martial arts, and for the UFC especially, so buckle up fight fans, because if you thought 2013 was a crazy year, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Written by Adam Martin.

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