MMA Betting Hindsight Is 2020

The purpose of this piece is to recap this betting year to inspire and enlighten the reader. I was blessed with many opportunities throughout 2020, such as contributing to many betting sources via podcast, written content, and handicapping, which allowed me to realize that this is indeed what I am passionate about. I learned many lessons throughout the year and gained “small wins” that allowed me to trust in my future success. Now, I would like to share what I’ve learned with you.


A little background about me, I quit my safe corporate job in January of 2020 to pursue professional MMA betting. As a risk-taker, I was more than okay with the decision and still am. I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t take a leap of faith to pursue what I love. While the timing for my decision may seem “off,” I thought it was exactly when I was supposed to make the decision.

Before getting into the betting results, I would like to share what I did so you can pursue your passion too. It’s never too late to do something you love as a profession. Like everyone else who’s reached their career goal by succeeding with their passion, there are discouraging experiences you need  to overcome on the way to such success. However, these discouraging experiences make us stronger and reassure us that nothing will stand in our way from doing what we love.

It took me until a few events in 2020 to realize that I “ran hot” in 2019 (i.e., a year where I profited nearly 100 units) and that my old process of handicapping fights needed to be modified because it was no longer working as effectively. Like you can, I rose to the occasion and really started to hone
my craft as a handicapper.

I was down by as many as 14.24 units on the calendar year when I knew something needed to be different, and so I made changes. I began to study tapes diligently (i.e., with the commentary volume on because there are several good nuggets of information shared) while pausing the video to take
specific, organized notes to draw a strong conclusion on the stylistic matchup at hand. I also investigated Tapology records (i.e., oppositions’ pro records), fighter interviews, statistics (i.e.,, and fighters’ Instagram pages (i.e., where they are training, what BJJ rank are
they, etc.) more closely than I did prior.

I noticed great results right away after these implementations as I profited 10.38 units at UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Rakic on Aug. 20th.

From this event onward, I managed to profit 32.71 units, went 12-6 on winning events to close out the year, learned more along the way, and managed to stay ahead of line movement by preparing for future cards well in advance.

I also began to include the rationale for bets I placed on so the reader can view my thought process in case they didn’t purchase a subscription but wanted to learn after the fact. This gave me more confidence when placing bets because I could back it up with a reasonable stance.
The image below shows the year’s lowest profit point versus what closed off the year.

At this stage, I’m still learning more about MMA, which is truly a blessing. I believe that if there isn’t more to learn, then I could become bored with my passion, which I don’t want to happen. The UFC’s increased willingness to add new fighters on the roster and natural developments within the sport (i.e., implementation of calf kicks) also has me more intrigued when researching fights.

I’m very grateful to get a profit of 18.4 units for the year 2020. This year taught me many lessons along the way that will pay massive dividends for those around me and also for myself. Anyway, we did it. MMA betting for 2020 is in the books for me, and we are ready to take on 2021. Let’s do this thing!

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