UFC Prospects to Keep an Eye On (Part 5 of 12)

I am writing this article to provide some of the prospects I feel have relatively high potential in the UFC based off what I’ve seen thus far. I am not stating all of these fighters in this full article have the potential to be the champion of their respective division (though I think some can be). However, I am including them because I believe they have the capability of moving up the rankings and obtaining a very good reputation inside the octagon.

I realize ‘prospect’ can be perceived as a subjective term so I will specify that the fighters in this article I am referring to have no more than 4 fights in the UFC thus far (as of April 10th, 2020) and have made their promotional debut. By no means have these fighters looked perfect in the UFC thus far. In fact, some of these fighters have lost at least once so far in the promotion, but I believe in their long-term growth and future success which is why I am mentioning them in this piece. I hope you enjoy!

Women’s Featherweight Division

I realize there are only a few fighters in this weight class (currently 5) at the moment. That said, I’m still impressed with what I’ve seen out of two women in particular. I am hopeful the UFC will expand this weight class in the near future.

Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson entered the UFC with the reputation of a threatening striker and she has maintained that reputation while making improvements to her overall game. Megan’s susceptibilities inside the octagon early on were her defensive wrestling and grappling; however, I believe she has been improving in these areas since her losses to Holly Holm and Felicia Spencer. In Megan’s fourth fight in the UFC, SHE was able to utilize her wrestling, grappling, and submission game to get her hand raised inside the octagon again. Working with fellow UFC fighter and good coach, James Krause while gaining more experience will help Megan achieve several accomplishments inside the UFC’s octagon.

Felicia Spencer

After an impressive win in her UFC debut, Felicia Spencer faced Cris Cyborg her following bout. Despite losing, I thought Felicia made a good account of herself showcasing great toughness, durability, and showing she can go three rounds with one of the best female mixed martial artists in the history of the sport. In addition to being very tough and durable, Felicia is a very good grappler, slick at taking the back, and a threatening finisher. Still young and relatively inexperienced in pro MMA (9 professional bouts), I think there is potential for Felicia to improve even more and obtain a very good reputation inside the UFC’s octagon.

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