Betting Results Movers and Shakers for Combate Americas 45

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Combate Americas recently held its 45th event in Guadalajara, Mexico on Friday. Here are the betting results of the fights, as explained by MMA oddsmaker Nick Kalikas.

Horacio Gutierrez opened +200 and closed even money
Chase Gibson opened -260 and closed -130

It was a wild start, and Gutierrez was able to clip Gibson with a kick and follow up with a barrage of punches and get the finish. The opener was set a bit high. I underestimated Gutierrez a bit and thought Gibson would be able to take it to the floor. The betting public came in hard on the dog and cashed big here.

Victor Hugo Madrigal opened +265 and closed  +165
Marcelo Rojo opened -385 and closed -205

The betting public scared me with how much they came in on the underdog because I thought Rojo was by far the better fighter. Perhaps because Rojo missed weight? In the end, the fight was a squash match and Rojo won by knockout early in the first round. The sportsbooks made some serious bank in this fight.

Saray Orozco opened +265 and closed +180
Silvana Gomez opened -355 and closed -220

It was a great fight. Both ladies brought it. Orozco won the first round, but Gomez woke up and took over in rounds two and three as she proved to be the more aggressive and effective fighter, nearly finishing Gomez by the end of the fight. This was another big win for the books because the public came in heavy on the underdog.

Axel Osuna opened -425 and closed -350
Heinrich Wassmer opened +305 and closed +260

There was serious two-way action in this fight. Early on, Wassmer got bet down, but Osuna got bet back up again. The fight started with Wassmer controlling Osuna on the ground with takedowns, but Osuna caught him with a triangle from his back to choke him out and earn the slick finish. The two-way action was justified based on how the fight played out and the sportsbooks pretty much broke even on this one.

Alejandro Solorzano opened-150 and closed -115
Giovanni Sarran opened +120 and closed -115

The line actually flipped in this fight before closing at pick’em for both fighters. It was a coin-flip type of fight, with Solorzano edging out a split decision. The betters lost overall because they came in on the underdog.

Luis Montelongo opened +400 and closed +500
Mahatma Chit-Bala Garcia Avalos opened -700 and closed -700

This fight was posted late and there wasn’t much betting action, with neither side getting hit heavily. Garcia Avalos ended up winning a relatively one-sided decision and the sportsbooks pretty much broke even.

Fedrrico Bettancourt  opened+500 and closed +525
Adonilton Matos -1000 and closed -1000

This line was perfectly set. People didn’t want to bet Matos at -1000 and Bettancourt wasn’t tempting enough at +500 either. Matos made quick work of Bettancourt with a highlight-reel knockout.

Luis Amaya Martínez opened +300 and closed +345
Hilario Portales opened -500 and closed -495

Martinez stepped in on short notice and competed valiantly considering the circumstances. The public came in on Portales and rightly so, as he was able to secure a submission victory once he took the fight to the ground at the midway point of the first round. The public won small here.

Abigail Montes opened +155 and closed +270
Claudia Zamora opened -205 and closed -360

As said on the Combatecast, the public was blindly betting the more experienced, established fighter Zamora in this fight over the debuting Montes to the point where Zamora was a -500 favorite. Sharper action came in on Montes, causing the line to drop, and Zamora got bet back up. The sharp betters and the sportsbooks cleaned house when Montes easily outstruck Zamora, beating her up on the feet for all three rounds and even earning a 10-8 round on all three judges’ scorecards. That said, the betting public lost their shirts on this one.

Overall, it was a very profitable evening for the sportsbooks for Combate Americas 45. The next Combate event is October 11 in Tuscun, Arizona.

Quick results

Main Card

145 lbs.: Horacio Gutiérrez derrota a Chase Gibson vía KO (Puño) a los2:41 del R1
139 lb. catchweight: Marcelo Rojo derrota a Víctor Madrigal vía KO (Puño) a los 1:28 del R1
115 lbs.: Silvana Gómez derrota a Saray Orozco vía Decisión Unánime (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Preliminary Card

127 lb. catchweight: Axel Osuna derrota a Heinrich Wassmer vía Sumisión (Triángulo) a los 0:57 del R2
265 lbs.: Alejandro Solórzano derrota a Giovanni Sarrán vía Decisión Unánime (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
145 lbs.: Mahatma García derrota a Luis Montelongo vía Decisión Unánime (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
145 lbs.: Rafael Espino derrota a Bryan Arreaga vía Sumisión (Triángulo) a los 1:36 del R3
135 lbs.: Adonilton Matos derrota a Federico Betancourt vía KO (Puño) a los 1:09 del R1
155 lbs.: Hilario Portales derrota a Luis Amaya Martínez vía Sumisión (Mata León) a los 2:43 del R1
135 lbs.: Abigail Montes derrota a Claudia Zamora vía Decisión Unánime (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Written by Brian Hemminger

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