MMA Odds and Ends for Tuesday: Cole Miller To Appeal Loss

Cole Miller UFC featherweight Cole Miller will appeal his unanimous decision loss at UFC Fight Night 26 to Manny Gamburyan, according to a report from veteran reporter Mike Chiappetta of If you saw the fight last Saturday night, you know why. The crux of Miller’s argument is that Gamburyan didn’t answer the bell at the end of the second round and therefore Miller should be the winner by TKO. What happened was Gamburyan was hit by a few Miller elbows near the side of the head that rocked him at the end of round one, and then he fell to his knees grabbing his head. However, the ref didn’t call a foul and therefore no point was deducted. With Gamburyan lying on the ground, it then took two minutes to start the next round instead of the usual one. Basically the rules were made up on the fly and that’s why Miller is appealing in the hope he can get this L off his record. I agree with Miller’s decision to appeal, but I believe at best he would be rewarded a “No Contest” instead, and I’d be shocked if he was eventually declared the winner of this fight. Batman In Vs. Wisniewski According to Globo, Marcelo Guimaraes is out of his UFC Fight Night 28 fight against Keith Wisniewski and Ivan “Batman” Jorge has stepped in on short notice as his replacement. I don’t know much about Jorge but Wisniewski is a huge fade at this point of his career and I would highly recommend passing on a bet entirely in this fight and just watching it play out because both sides have too many question marks surrounding them. Cooper Replaces Marshall In Bellator Title Fight And one more change to tell you guys about as Doug Marshall, who won the most recent Bellator middleweight tournament, is out of his Bellator 98 title fight against champion Alexander Shlemenko and in his place will be Brett Cooper, who is taking the fight on very short notice as the event is just a few weeks away, on Sept 7. I don’t believe that Cooper should get a title shot and instead I think Shlemenko should have fought in a non-title super fight because, after all, Cooper didn’t win the tourney. But Cooper was the first alternative and with Bellator wanting to keep a title fight in the headliner, the decision was made to give the Californian a shot at gold. Shlemenko and Cooper have already fought once in Bellator and the Russian won via decision and I expect him to win again in the rematch. Cooper is tough but this is a bad fight for him and if I can get Shlemenko at -300 or less I’ll parlay him.

Written by Adam Martin.

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