MMA Odds and Ends for Friday: Changes Coming To MMAOddsbreaker

Changes are coming to that we hope you, the reader and viewer, will enjoy.

To start, the MMA Odds and Ends news recap and fight announcement series is going to be retired. Our lead staff writer Adam Martin started writing the MMA Odds and Ends back in 2012, and it’s been a steady daily feature of the website ever since then. However, we have decided to replace it with something we hope the reader and viewer will enjoy a bit more, in the form of a video series.

Instead of a written daily news recap, MMAOB lead writer Adam Martin will be starting a daily news podcast tentatively titled MMAOB Daily. This will be a quick 15-minute show where Adam will run down the big news in MMA as well as recap the fights from any major MMA event. Of course, Adam will also be giving his thoughts on any new fight announcements just like in the Odds and Ends. In addition to the daily show, Adam will be doing a separate podcast breaking down every UFC and major Bellator card, and on weeks where there is no major event, the plan is to have a mailbag episode where Adam will answer the reader’s questions. So get ready for a lot of video content! We hope you enjoy these changes and improvements to the website. All of Adam’s daily shows will be streamed live on YouTube to watch, and will soon be available on Soundcloud and iTunes. We are excited to see where this goes, and are committed to growing our YouTube channel.

Of course, as many of you know, the Parting Shot Podcast with Adam Martin and James Lynch has been retired as well after James moved on to another MMA website. We all enjoyed doing the show and listening to it, but with it no longer being possible to record the podcast due to the departure of James, we wanted to keep the podcasts rolling at MMAOB, hence the daily show and the fight breakdown version of it. We hope you enjoy the new MMAOB Daily Show, and we are excited to start doing it. The new show will begin starting next week.

In addition to the MMAOB Daily show, we are also having discussions about a few other podcasts and video series featuring other staff members getting their opportunity to be on camera talking about the fights. We will of course still be doing plenty of writing at MMAOB, but we believe the move to more video is good for everyone, and the staff here is looking forward to these changes.

This is a time of transition at MMAOB, and we would be happy to listen to any sort of feedback or welcome any suggestions the readers may have. Hit up @mmadammartin or @fightodds on Twitter if you have any comments. We hope that the changes we are making at MMAOB will improve the reader and viewer experience, and we are optimistic about the present and future of the website.

Thank you!

Written by Adam Martin.

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