Legacy FC 21 Bet: Matt Hobar (-160) vs Angel Huerta (+120)

Legacy FC 21Legacy FC 21 July 19th, 2013 Bantamweight Title Bout: Matt Hobar (-160) vs Angel Huerta (+120) Fight Breakdown: Headlining the Legacy FC 21 main card on July 19th in Houston, TX for the vacant Legacy FC Bantamweight title is a striker vs grappler match-up between Matt “The Crowbar” Hobar and Angel “The Chosen One” Huerta. Hobar is a very small favorite at -160 ($160 to win $100), while the return on the slight underdog Huerta is +120 ($100 to win $120) at Several Bookmakers. Matt Hobar (7-1) is a two-time high school wrestling champion with solid jiu-jitsu skills who has great cardio and keeps a good pace. His only loss has been an injury TKO to Steven Stevenson, a fight in which he hurt/dislocated his elbow. Hobar returned from the injury loss four months later in a re-match against Stevenson and defeated him by Majority Decision. Matt Hobar is a very skilled athlete who is getting better every day. An extremely talented wrestler who took jiu-jitsu and made it a big part of his game, Hobar has been working on his stand-up and adding tools to his striking arsenal. He is ready for his next test and has the tools to be a champion. Angel Huerta (6-1) is a knock-out artist who has been knocking out the best cans Texas has to offer, as five of his six wins come by way of knock-out, and four in the first round. His only loss is a knockout to Nelson Salas, a fighter Matt Hobar has dominated in victory. Angel Huerta is a talented striker who started in Karate before getting involved in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai. Huerta’s boxing is sharp; his striking is crisp, all around. Huerta has been drilling his takedown defense in preparation for this bout, as he lacks some confidence in his wrestling game and worries opponents will take him down, which in turn restrains him from attempting certain kicks that would otherwise hurt and/or knock opponents out. Fight Breakdown: This fight is for the vacant Legacy FC Bantamweight title, so it will be five rounds if necessary. Matt Hobar is a talented fighter who is still undefeated in my eyes and is well on his way to the big show. After he racks up a couple more wins, the UFC should come calling. While I see Hobar ending up in the UFC, I can’t say the same for Angel Huerta. Huerta does not have the skill-set to make it that far and time is not on his side. For Huerta, being a main eventer on a Legacy FC card is likely as big as it will ever get. He is going to try to bring the fight to Hobar but isn’t going to find much success. He will likely forget about using his kicks for fear of being taken down and will try to make this a boxing match. That won’t work against Matt Hobar. Hobar will use his superior wrestling to take Huerta down at will. His chin will hold up against Huerta, as he eats shots while working his takedowns. Matt Hobar is the most talented opponent Angel Huerta has yet to face. Hobar is more focused on his fighting career than Huerta is, as Huerta does other things on the side, such as trying to keep up with his part-time modelling career (yeah, I don’t see it, either). Matt Hobar’s wrestling, jiu-jitsu, cardio, and mental focus will prove to be the difference in this fight. I am really impressed with Hobar’s ground-game; he should be able to use his far-superior wrestling to get the fight down to the mat and control it there, likely finding a submission. Gabe’s Pick: Matt Hobar by Submission (4:24, Round 2) Gabe’s Recommended Play: Matt Hobar -160. I would have recommended a bet on him at up to -400, so at -160, it is surely a BIG play! I think this line is a steal and recommend a max bet.

Written by Gabe Killian

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