MMAOddsBreaker Staff Picks – UFC Fight Night 110 has returned for 2017 and just like last year, we’re keeping a running tally of our staff’s fight picks for all major mixed martial arts (MMA) events. After fourteen events thus far the current standings are still pretty tight. James Lynch currently holds the top spot and is in first place with an 114-50-1 mark (69%). Nick Kalikas is keeping pace and currently in second place with a picks score of 112-52-1. There was only one unanimous pick out of 12 fights in total for UFC Fight Night 110 (Zak Ottow). The most contentious fights were: Mark Hunt vs. Derrick Lewis (Hunt 4 – Lewis 5), Ross Pearson vs. Dan Hooker (Pearson 4 – Hooker 5) and Vinc Pichel vs. Damien Brown (Pichel 4 – Brown 5).

Without further ado: UFC Fight Night 110

UFN 110 G. Killian-  V. Matty-  J. Lynch-  B. Taschuk-  B. Hemminger-  N. Kalikas-  J. Primetown-  B. Wharton-  R. Doxtator
Fight #1 Gouti Gouti Kim Kim Kim Gouti Kim Kim Kim
Fight #2 Aldrich Aldrich Jeon Aldrich Aldrich Aldrich Aldrich Aldrich Aldrich
Fight #3 Ottow Ottow Ottow Ottow Ottow Ottow Ottow Ottow Ottow
Fight #4 Mokhtarian Mokhtari. Moraga Moraga Moraga Moraga Mokhtarian Moraga Moraga
Fight #5 Steele Steele Steele Steele Steele Steele Steele Jumeau Jumeau
Fight #6 Pichel Brown Brown Pichel Brown Pichel Brown Brown Pichel
Fight #7 Volkanovski Volkanov. Volkanov. Hirota Volkanovski Volkanov. Volkanov. Volkanov. Volkanov.
Fight #8 Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Nguyen Elliott Elliott Elliott
Fight #9 Cutelaba Cutelaba Cutelaba Da Silva Cutelaba Cutelaba Cutelaba Cutelaba Cutelaba
Fight #10 Pearson Pearson Hooker Pearson Hooker Hooker Pearson Hooker Hooker
Fight #11 Brunson Brunson Brunson Kelly Brunson Brunson Brunson Brunson Brunson
Fight #12 Hunt Hunt Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis Hunt Hunt
Last Event 8-4 7-5 9-3 7-5 6-6  8-4 10-2 6-6 7-5
2017 Record 99-65-1 107-57-1 114-50-1 103-61-1 108-56-1 112-52-1 101-63-1 98-66-1 103-61-1

2017 Results

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