UFC Fight Night 108’s Biggest Winners

With UFC Fight Night 108 behind us, there were many noteworthy performances which saw fighters’ stock rise. Jay Primetown takes a look at the key performers from Nashville and what’s next for them.

Al Iaquinta

Overview: The former Top 15 lightweight hadn’t fought since April 2015. It’s never easy coming off a two-year layoff no matter what one’s age or experience entails. Iaquinta needed a signature win to get his name back in the conversation at lightweight. He had a good opportunity to do that against fan favorite Diego Sanchez. Iaquinta not only beat Sanchez in his return fight, but he hurt him early and finished him with vicious punches.  

Outlook: Iaquinta has had his battles with the UFC. If he does decide to stay in the organization, he’s certainly a Top 15 talent and someone who should face a serious step up in competition in his next bout. Whether that’s in the UFC or in another organization remains to be seen.

Brandon Moreno

Overview: The 23-year-old Tijuana native has certainly attracted some interest from fans for his entertaining style and larger than life smile. However, Moreno had yet to face a ranked opponent until UFC Fight Night 108. Dustin Ortiz presented the first real opposition for the talented Mexican fighter. For the first round of the fight, the veteran controlled the action. Takedown after takedown attempt stifled Ortiz’s attack. It all changed in round two when Moreno landed a head kick behind Ortiz’s ear that floored the American flyweight. Moreno swarmed his opponent and was able to secure a finish. It was a win good enough to raise Moreno all the way up to seventh in the UFC’s flyweight rankings.

Outlook: For a fighter his age, Moreno is clearly moving up the rankings fast. A win over a fighter the caliber of Ortiz is going to further speed up his move to the top. For Moreno’s sake, I hope they don’t give him the division’s elite too quickly. He still needs to further prove himself in the wrestling department as well as against a great striker. An Ortiz win is great, but there’s a significant difference between him and Joseph Benavidez and Henry Cejudo.

Mike Perry

Overview: “Platinum” Mike Perry had only fought in the UFC three times prior to his bout with Jake Ellenberger at Fight Night 108, but he had already made a name for himself as an entertaining action fighter that always looks for a finish. His fight with Ellenberger ended up being the biggest moment of his career. After a competitive first round, Perry quickly dropped Ellenberger in the second round. After swarming the UFC veteran, Perry allowed Ellenberger back to his feet. At that point, he landed one of the biggest and best elbow strikes ever thrown in a UFC fight that completely floored Ellenberger. It’s on a short list for Knockout of the Year. More importantly, for Perry, it gives him a victory over a gatekeeper to the Top 15.  

Outlook: Perry is quickly making a name for himself in the UFC for his “kill or be killed” fighting style and his entertaining persona. He may not be the most well-rounded fighter in the UFC, but he’s a fighter capable of how having a long career in the promotion by putting on entertaining fights and collecting fighter bonuses. Fighters like Joe Lauzon and Diego Sanchez have been doing that for years at varying degrees of success. It’s not to say Perry will achieve their level of notoriety or stature in the organization, but there’s no reason he can’t be put into fights with the type of mindset that those two fighters are. 

Written by Jay Primetown

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