Ask Cousin Gabe: 2,000th Article Edition

2000‘Ask Cousin Gabe’ is an article at MMA Oddsbreaker where I answer questions from readers. If you would like to ask me a question, regarding wagering, any upcoming fight cards, or MMA in general, please email it to and make sure to include your name and location. Congrats on 2,000 articles! I’ve been following your plays for a while and love reading your stuff. Have you considered doing your own podcast? -Jack, Seattle, WA Thank you. I often co-host MMA Roasted w/ Adam Hunter, PunchDrunk Sports w/ Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault, and I used to co-host AtOdds MMA with Brad Taschuck, so I’m not a complete stranger to the MMA podcast world, but to answer your question, yes, I’ve been thinking about it. There are a couple of podcasts I am considering doing at the moment. I may end up doing one, both or none; but hopefully both. Stay tuned! Hey bro congrats! Just wondering if you follow or bet other sports and what are your teams? -Lloyd, Maryland Thanks. I don’t regularly bet any sports besides MMA, but I do pick my spots here and there. I hit quite a few games during NFL season, and I’m pretty good with tennis, too. I’ll come across some NHL, MLB and NBA plays here and there that I like, as well, and generally do well with my picks. I’ve been killin’ it with my March Madness plays this year, too! That said, sometimes I will go long periods without betting anything besides fights. As far as my sports teams, in the NBA, I like the Clippers. In the NFL, I like the Jets and Raiders. In the NHL, I like the Kings, Ducks, Red Wings, Islanders and Capitals… Yeah, I know… And finally, in the MLB, I like the Dodgers. Congrats on 2,000! I have been staring at my phone for literally 10 minutes trying to think of a question… Hmmm… This is hard. I need my question to be worthy of a 2,000th article post… OK, I think I got it… How do you like your pancakes?! -Nick, Seattle, WA Thanks, and great question! The answer is easy — I like my pancakes with blueberries and chocolate chips inside, and Vermont maple syrup and butter on top! Hey, I’ve heard you on Kill Tony before and think you’re hilarious. Will you be in Tampa this year? Do you have any comedy videos online? -Teddy, Tampa, FL I’ve actually never been to Florida, but I would love to do some shows there this winter, if able to work things out. Thanks for the kind words. I try to keep videos of my stand-up off the internet. I’d rather people see me live the first time than on the internet. I know that means most people will never see me, but eh, just how I feel. Congrats! I saw you tweeted that you will be at the Buffalo and Nashville UFC cards this year. That’s awesome! Any chance you’ll also be at UFC 211 in Dallas? I would love to buy you a frosty cold beverage! -Will, Dallas, TX Man, I so badly want to go to that card! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to. Never been to Buffalo or Nashville and am very much looking forward to those! Not excited about being in Buffalo in particular, but really looking forward to Nashville, as I love me some Nashville Hot Chicken! If you’ve never had the real deal, then you’re missing out!! Don’t even try the KFC knock-off. P.S. I ended up adding the Kansas City card on my calendar, so it will be sandwiched between Buffalo and Nashville. Three back-to-back weeks of fights for your Cousin Gabe! I’m excited. Top 10 movies and bands? -Danny, Manhattan, NY Movies: Back to the Future, Swingers, Reservoir Dogs, On the Waterfront, Mallrats, Platoon, Ace Ventura, Dumb & Dumber, Gangs of New York Bands: Nirvana, The Beatles, AC/DC, System of a Down, Tool, Guns N Roses, The Cure, Van Halen, The Who, RHCP and Hard-Fi I can’t just stop there… Solo musical artists: Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, John Lennon, Devendra Banhart, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Marley, Chuck Berry, Tom Waits, Damien Rice and Johnny Cash Hip Hop artists: Nate Dogg, Canibus, Dr Dre, Eminem, Big L, DMX, Ludacris, Ice Cube, Too $hort and Snoop Dogg I’ll throw these in on the house… TV shows (one hour): The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Shield, Freaks and Geeks, Rescue Me, OZ, Six Feet Under, Game of Thrones and Mad Men TV shows (half hour): Boy Meets World, Arrested Development, Married…With Children, Saved by the Bell, Family Ties, Spin City, The Wonder Years, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Seinfeld and Eastbound and Down. (Honorable mentions: The Inbetweeners, Friends, Party Down, Family Matters, Step by Step, Full House, The Office US & UK, and Game On) Books: “Ham on Rye” by Charles Bukowski, “Private Parts” by Howard Stern, “The Fuck-Up” by Arthur Nersesian, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky, “Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger, “The Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole, “Choke” by Chuck Palahniuk, “Lucky Man” by Michael J. Fox, “Leading With My Chin” by Jay Leno and “The Housekeeper: Love, Death and Prizefighting” by Josh Samman. Congrats on your 2,000 articles! Do you have any favorites? -Will, Dallas, TX These are ones that immediately come to mind… Rest in Power, Josh Samman 2013 Fight of the Year Matyushenko Retires Eddie Bravo Opens Up About Judging in MMA Answer to Questionable Referee Stoppages UFC Fight Night 62’s Unfortunate Biggest Star I didn’t include any breakdown/play/wagering articles, as there would be too many favorites to choose from.

Written by Gabe Killian

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