WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Preview and Latest Odds

WWE_Hell_In_A_Cell_2014_Poster_With_Dean_AmbroseFor those who needed a quick break from frequently occurring big WWE events, the last few weeks since No Mercy 2016 have given us all time to chill. Break’s over though – it’s time to step on the gas and put your foot down through the floor. Four more events are on tap for the next two months, and we’re getting started on Halloween weekend with the return of Hell in a Cell — not the match itself but the pay per view whose name has now become synonymous WITH said match. And if that wasn’t confusing enough, we have THREE hell in a cell matches AT Hell in a Cell 2016. Got it? If you’re still boggled it will all become clear shortly. First I’d like to issue the standard disclaimer for all of these pay per view previews with accompanying odds — the lines you see here do not reflect physical prowess or athletic ability. You might as well place a bet on the World Series if that’s your fancy. No what we’re talking about here is writers, and what we’re specifically talking about is Vince McMahon’s control over HIS writers. A big underdog means there’s little to no chance of McMahon changing a finish before an event — but that being said it has happened many times before. Now then with three HIAC matches at the similarly named PPV, the odds are a fair bit different for each one of them. In the Unites States Title match Roman Reigns is a heavy favorite to retain over former champion Rusev. Current odds peg Reigns as the -1500 favorite and Rusev a +700 dog, which may enrage the “smart marks” as they are called, but it perfectly reflects Vince McMahon’s mindset that Roman Reigns is his superstar of the future. Boo him all you like but fans be damned he’ll be pushed to the moon anyway. The Universal Title match between champion Kevin Owens and challenger Seth Rollins is quite a bit closer to the bookmakers, although I wouldn’t bet against Owens as the -565 favorite given he’s Triple H’s favorite son in storyline. Don’t worry though — Seth Rollins will get his revenge somewhere down the line — but at +375 today is not the day. To be frank it would actually make more sense to put money on Rollins if he was a HEAVY underdog, because that’s when McMahon seems to feel things are “too predictable,” but the long term plans for HHH and Rollins to feud just don’t make sense if Rollins is champ. Will the Women’s Title match between Sasha Banks and the former champ Charlotte go on last or first? I wish there was a prop bet on it but be that as it may Sasha is the favorite to retain at -430 versus +310, which makes it the closest line out of all three HIAC. The fact that they were quick to put the title back on Sasha once she was medically cleared though is what makes me think they won’t be quick to take it back OFF her at this event. These previews are for entertainment purposes only and if you do wager please remember to only spend what you can afford. Enjoy WWE Hell in a Cell 2016!

Written by Stevie J

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