UFC Fight Night 96 Newcomer Breakdown: Ketlen Vieira

Prior to each UFC card, Jay Primetown takes a close look at debuting fighters. In the latest installment, we look at Brazilian Ketlen Vieira as she debuts against Kelly Faszholz at UFC Fight Night 96 in Portland, Oregon. Ketlen “Fenomeno” Vieira Hometown: Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Age: 24 Height: Reach: Weight Class: Women’s Bantamweight Camp: Novo Uniao Manaus Career Record: 6-0 Key Wins: None Key Losses: None Background The undefeated Brazilian makes the jump to the UFC after compiling a 6-0 record in Brazil. Of her six wins, five of them have come inside the distance. She holds a black belt in judo and a brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Strengths

  • BJJ brown belt
  • Judo black belt
  • Long for the weight class
  • Good overhand right from range
  • Slick transition game on the mat


  • Poor footwork
  • Striking is wild
  • Leaves herself exposed when rushes in against an opponent
  • Still quite raw in the standing exchanges
  • Left hand lacks technique, basically only capable of throwing strikes with her right hand



  Matchup against Kelly Faszholz This is a matchup up two raw women’s bantamweights with decent size and power. Both women have good pop in their hands and I expect that’s how this fight will play out. Faszholz is pretty decent takedown defense, so I don’t see Vieira being able to take her to the ground. On the feet, Fasholz is the better technical striker. She fights at a faster pace and is a better all-around striker. Vieira has a really nice right hand, but the combination work of Fasholz should allow her to land more often and with more meaning. If this fight were to the ground, Vieira has a tricky ground game and could absolutely be a factor, but that’s a less likely result than Faszholz’s work rate simply getting better of her Brazilian opponent fighting for the first time in the United States. UFC Ceiling Ketlen Vieira is still very green in her fighting technique, but she certainly has some ability. She’s a credentialed grappler with a black belt in judo and a brown belt in BJJ. Her size is certainly a factor in the bantamweight division as she certainly holds her own in this weight class. She needs to continue working on her stand up as the technique is not ready for this level. She’s too dependent on her right hand and her work rate is too slow in a division with many fighters that fight with a high work rate. She may struggle in her first couple of UFC fights, but there is certainly room for growth as there are elements here, with training, that could see her become a pretty decent fighter. Fight Film Check out Ketlen Vieira in some of her most recent fights:   Ketlen Vieira vs. Laet Ferreira   Ketlen Vieira Highlights

Written by Jay Primetown

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