MMAOddsbreaker Premium – UFC 168 Dec 27, 2013

Coming off yet another profitable night, Nick Kalikas and crew are looking to keep their winning ways going with UFC 168. MMAOddsbreaker Premium has won five straight including 16 of the last 20 events and are up 43.25 units life-to-date for a return on investment of 17.8%. You can check a track record of premium and free bets here.

If you tailed his premium plays since the start, you would only need to have bet $29 per unit in order to profit — and that’s after subtracting the maximum MMAOB Premium subscription fees for the 23 premium events so far.

What’s included in MMA OddsBreaker Premium:

  • Nick Kalikas’ best bets in text and podcast form, including the betting lines and unit sizes.
  • Exclusive pre-event access to Part 2 of The Premium OddsCast featuring audio breakdowns for all bets.
  • All the latest statistics on upcoming fights from fight scientist Reed Kuhn to help you make the best decisions
  • Plus more features added in the future!

You can purchase a package using the interface below or see more info about the service here.

Get all of our picks and bets, and access to The Premium OddsCast for a single MMA event.
4 event access to all of our picks and bets, and The Premium OddsCast .
Make money full time betting the MMA. If you got the bankroll, we have all the tools and info to push your MMA betting earn over the top!






*Hover over an available package and select “Add to Cart” to purchase an MMAOB Premium package. More details about the service can be found below.

**Please note that some web browser extensions such as Ad Blocker may interfere with this purchasing interface. Some touch screen devices, such as the iPad, may also be incompatible.

Written by Brian Hemminger

Brian Hemminger has been involved in MMA since 2007, and is highly regarded for his well-researched and knowledgeable interviews. He has hosted The Verbal Submission MMA podcast for three years and was a staff writer at from 2011 to 2013 with an extensive background in live coverage, fight previews and post-fight analysis.

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